Little Mexico, formerly known as The Dominican Republic - President Leonel Fernandez said that the of types of crimes which occurred recently in the central cities Santiago and Jarabacoa leads people to believe that there are links to Mexican drug cartels in the country, while National Drugs Control Agency chief Rolando Rosado revealed that it’s the Sinaloa Cartel.


Fernandez, speaking in the “Civic Encounter for Security” held Saturday in Santiago, said that the execution of three Colombians and a Venezuelan in that city and the decapitation of a Dominican in Jarabacoa are actions of groups which belong to those organizations.

For Rosado, the Sinaloa Cartel is helped by groups of Dominican criminals centered in the Cibao zone to acquire chemicals used to make narcotics, supervise its drug trafficking activities and in contract killings. “They are groups in the Cibao zone which the Mexican cartels have contracted to put them at their service and of course their activities extend to the entire national territory. We had noticed it because we have dismantled some of those structures and have charged them.”

He said controls have been placed on the transactions with chemicals with ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, used in the pharmaceutical industry, but are also the same components used to make narcotics.

The DNCD chief affirmed the Mexican cartels’ violence is expressed in the contract killings, in addition to that several narcotics traffickers linked to those cartels have been arrested. “The seal of the murders for hire shows that the Mexican cartels are here, more than the Colombians. They don’t have to physically be present to make sure their instructions are complied with, but they are helped by local groups. That’s what they’ve been doing, essentially in the zone of Cibao.”

Rosado had confirmed a report published by newspaper El Dia July 17 on the presence of cells of the bloody Sinaloa cartel, headed by Joaquin Guzmán Loera (El Chapo Guzmán).


Outcome of Santiago crime talks - President Leonel Fernandez convened security and civil society organizations on Saturday to a large meeting in Santiago to discuss crime. The measures that emerged from the talks, as reported in El Caribe, included the President ordering a ban on prison inmates using cell phones. Contract killing is said to be behind 21 murders in Santiago, and the use of cell phones facilitates the action. During the meeting, the government approved the creation of an Operational Intelligence Division and an Asset Laundering Division for the Santiago Prosecutor Office.

During the meeting, businessman Felix Garcia urged the government to adapt the penal code to the times.

In a report on Saturday, El Caribe carried statements from community and religious leaders concluding that crime had increased mainly as a result of public policies that are disconnected from the reality the country is experiencing, resulting in a lack of fair justice, social exclusion and lack of work opportunities.

In the first half of the year there have been 1,229 deaths in the Dominican Republic.

National District prosecutor Alejandro Moscoso Segarra told Diario Libre that the problem of violence goes beyond street crime. He said that drug trafficking and organized crime are behind the higher levels of violence and criminality.

Dominican Watchdog Note: The problem is the extreme corruption among government officials. NONE has been sent to jail for corruption under Leonel Fernandez. Follow the money!! Investigate all government officials, set up free hotlines and award those who name corrupt officials. Put them in jail for minimum 5 years if they can't explain from where they got new cars, houses and luxury life in Casa de Campo (follow link)!!


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