Leaked WIKI cable: Leonel Fernandez feared the generals, many involved in drugs!
DominicanToday.com - President Leonel Fernandez had been threatened by military leaders, including an attack against him, after retiring 99 generals by decree in the first month of his second term in office, 2004-2008.


In the U.S. Embassy classified cable of October 28, 2004, part of the group provided to News source SIN by WikiLeaks, Fernandez told then ambassador Hans Hertell, after the diplomat referred in a conversation on corruption "the well-known practice of the military keeping 10% or more of the contracts," that it was a situation "beyond my (Fernandez) capacity to intervene."

"If a Latin American president seriously interferes with that type topic of the military, he risks their attempt against his life,” Fernandez said, according to the cable.

Fernandez said that his decree, which sent 99 generals to retirement in the first month of his administration, had already brought him problems. Their intelligence services informed him on threats of an assassination," the document says.

According to the cable, the chief executive told Hertell, that thought that the violence that was occurring at that time was due partly "to the agitation on the part of forces which are hostile toward him."


See the full file/cable here


Dominican Watchdog Note: This is of course completely unacceptable and all EU, US and UN world aid programs should stop  supporting the Dominican Republic. It shows that corruption is at the highest level equal to the worst African states. Is also confirm why President Leonel Fernandez despite outcry from the public promoted a new bunch of military morons to generals a couple of weeks ago: Personal favors, President Leonel promotes more generals

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Presidential helicopter used for drug transports in Dom Rep

The truth will prevail, even for a President

- What exactly does Leonel Fernandez know about the government agencies behind the drug trade in his country? 3 years ago the former chopper pilot for the Fanjul sugar barons went on to work for the President. Former U.S. Marine, Lieutenant colonel Harold Manzano transported drugs in the Presidential helicopter and was forced into retirement - No jail time at all!! The other parties got 10 years but last week the judge tried to alter the sentence to 10 months and hell broke lose......


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Status on Leonel Fernandez as President:  This must have been the most embarrassing day for President Leonel Fernandez, 12 years and no results!!

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