Julio Iglesias mum of court appearance in Dom Rep
DominicanToday.com - Spanish singer Julio Iglesias appeared before Higüey Judicial District Instruction judge Juan Carlos Morales for more than one hour on Tuesday, but no details were provided on the surprising development.

Morales declined comment on the reasons for the closed door meeting with the famous singer, who’s one of the investors of the resort Group Puntacana.

Iglesias, who arrived flanked by two bodyguards and a driver, drew the attention of employees and visitors, reportedly went to court on a breach of contract lawsuit for a concert in Europe, filed by the promoters in Miami.


Dominican Watchdog Note | The court visit could be in connection to an old USD 500 Million lawsuit against Julio Iglesias and Oscar de la Renta, were Punta Cana Group illicitly tries to take 900,000 sq. meters from investors:


Postpone trial against Punta Cana Group

DominicanToday.com - National District Fifth Civil and Commercial Chamber judge Katia Gomez German yesterday postponed without date  the RD$500 million lawsuit against the singer Julio Iglesias, Oscar de la Renta, Theodore W. Kheel and the Punta Cana Group to deposit certified documents.

The judge made the ruling after the lawyers Abel Rodriguez del Orbe and Lincoln Hernandez requested the term to certify documents, motion which the defense attorneys Luis Rivas, Hipólito Herrera and Ricardo Ramos did not oppose.

The attorneys for the law firm Office Hernandez & Hernandez said that the Punta Cana Group illicitly tries to take 900,000 sq. meters from them in the zone of the Punta Cana tourism complex


Deny Punta Cana lawsuit affects tourism development

DomincanToday.com - The law firm Hernandez & Hernandez yesterday denied that their lawsuit against Julio Iglesias, Oscar de la Renta, Theodore Keel and the Punta Cana Group jeopardizes the country’s projection as a foreign investment destination.

Hernandez & Hernandez’s legal representative Abel Rodriguez del Orbe said that the Punta Cana Group tries to intimidate the Dominican Justice and that the country’s laws stipulate the publicity of trials.

“The world must know that Julio Iglesias, Oscar de la Renta and the philanthropist Theodore Keel, after contracting Dominican lawyers and paying them and being pleased by their work, try to revert the cession of the real property, only because they acquired a considerable value thanks to their proximity to the project CAP Cana,” Rodriguez del Orbe said.

“We do not try to condition public opinion nor to press judicial spheres, what we are dealing with is an abuse, a violation of a private property,” said the ex- Justice Minister.

Regarding the publication of the litigation, the attorney insisted that is important that this lawsuit is known publicly, because all lands of the Punta Cana Group are affected and those who purchase a villa, lot or apartment will suffer the fate of our lawsuit.

According to a certification issued by the Deeds Registrar at Higüey, the totality of parcel 65-A, property of the Punta Cana Group, is affected by the lawsuit in course before the Land Court, recorded in the register number 13, book 110, page 116, of that judicial official.

For his part, Lincoln Hernandez said that his law firm neither effects nor motivates the media to publish the lawsuit’s incidents, and its dimension results from the international level notoriety of the personalities involved.

According to the sentences shown by the lawyers, it would have been verified that a judge in Higüey has in fact issued an “opposition to transference,” a lien which the company Elipse has over the Punta Cana Group’s property.

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