Judicial “thugs” again harrass a hotel chain
DominicanToday.com - The hotel chain Viva Wyndham Resorts on Tuesday denounced an attempted assault at its main offices located in Santo Domingo’s Acropolis Tower.

It said the attempted retention, headed by a lawyer and a bailiff, accompanied by a group of civilians posing as military and police, sought to execute a still pending ruling and on which they’ve already reached an agreement with the plaintiffs.

In a statement from the CICOM public relations agency, quoted by Diarioliobre.com, the resort chain said it sent the missive to Supreme Court president Jorge Subero because the public must be made aware of the incident, where "organized mobs operate in different parts of the country to execute alleged sentences against different companies, bringing terror and unrest, but mostly fomenting and giving the impression that legal security doesn’t exist in our country.”

It said the group, headed by the lawyer Juan Meléndez, evaded Acropolis’ security and penetrated Viva Wyndham’s offices in a aggressive manner, and threatened to obstruct all of the company’s real estate transactions, unless they paid the damages from a labor ruling by a Duarte Province Court, despite that a RD$200,000 settlement was already reached in that case.

Spate of cases

Business leaders, especially in the tourism industry, have complained of similar actions by groups headed by lawyers and court officials, including one in which a Canadian bank “pacted” with the thugs to “ransack” one of the country’s biggest textile plants.


Dominican industries warn mafia erodes legal security

The countries industrial companies grouped in AIRD yesterday said they’re concerned with what it calls “a dangerous deterioration of some aspects of the country’s judicial procedures,” which the legal security, the jobs of thousands  workers and the productivity of the companies.

AIRD president Ligia Bonetti said those associations have been called “labor-judicial Mafias,” which specialize in conducting illegal evictions against companies. “They are Mafias, practically associations of conspirators, which rely on irregularly obtained judicial rulings, with the support of bailiffs and police, which come to the companies and conduct evictions based on supposed sentences.”

Bonetti added that the AIRD asks the authorities to deal with the issue with the severity it deserves and as a manner to preserve the legal security.

A major bank involved

A DT source affirmed that a major bank, based in Canada, had made a “pact” with one of those “mafias” to “ransack” a major cloth factory in Santo Domingo East.


Dominican Watchdog Note: The entire legal system and their lawyers are so corrupt, that one can only state that this is unfortunately a true mirror picture of how the Dominican society works from one end to the other!

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