Journalist’s ghost haunts the Dominican Government (Update 2 The family speaks out) - The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH) on Monday rejected the Dominican Government’s challenge of testimony by the journalist Oscar Lopez Reyes, who believes that university professor and journalist Narciso Gonzalez (Narcisazo) could have committed suicide.


A DominicanToday source familiar with the investigation affirms that Gonzalez, whose frail health was widely known, died in the hands of authorities, “who were forced to drop his body from a helicopter into the Caribbean,” for which the Government seeks to protect the identities of those involved.

The disappearance of his body however, is at the center of the criminal investigation which president Leonel Fernandez, upon taking office for the first time in 1996, vowed to conclude until clarifying Gonzalez’s mysterious disappearance, just days after criticizing the late president Joaquin Balaguer’s fraudulent electoral win in 1994.

In a pretrial decision whose full text will be divulged June 28 and 29 in San José, Costa Rica, judge Diego Garcia-Sayán said he decided to accept Lopez’s testimony, based on the impartiality with the Dominican Government and that being a psychiatry or a psychology professional isn’t required to formulate his statement.

The decision comes in the wake of the Commission on Human Rights’ assertion that Lopez had occupied diverse Government posts makes him a subordinate of the State.

Lopez said he has repeatedly told the Justice Ministry that he doesn’t have any data aside from what’s contained in his book “Attempts and censorships in Dominican Republic 1844-2007.”

He added that to testify as an expert witness for the Government, he demanded the widening of the investigation into his belief regarding the alleged kidnapping and tortures.


Written by: Jorge Pineda, Editor, DominicanToay

Update 2 from on June 28, 2011:

Inter-American Court and Narcisazo

The DR media is reporting on the proceedings against the Dominican Republic at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Beginning at 3pm, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights will hear the statements of the widow and children of university professor Narciso Gonzalez, "Narcisazo", who disappeared on 26 May 1994. They will also take depositions from two witnesses, one proposed by the representatives of the victims and the other automatically chosen by the Court. An expert proposed by the Inter-American Commission and the representatives of the victims will also give a statement.

In addition, the Court will hear the final allegations of the representatives of the victims and of the Dominican Republic, as well as the final observations of the Inter-American Commission. Judge Rhadys Abreu Blondet will not participate in the process because of her Dominican nationality. On 2 May 2010, the Inter-American Commission filed a lawsuit against the Dominican Republic for the alleged forceful disappearance of Narcisazo as the result of his criticisms of the military and then President of the Republic, Joaquin Balaguer, as well as his participation in the public complaint about alleged electoral fraud in the 1994 presidential elections.


DominicanWatchdog Note: Despite all the years that has passed it's wonderful to see that finally somebody is pushing the Dominican Republic to respect freedom of the press. Too many journalists are killed in the Dominican Republic when coming too close to the truth of the government or drug cartels.

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