Ex president Leonel Fernandez in BIG scam, Prince Albert know nothing about Punta Perla! Spanish Judge to be removed because his brother is behind Punta Perla! When will Ricardo Miranda finally be behind bars?

BREAKING NEWS January 20th, 2013 - Spanish Judge to be removed for deliberately delaying the Punta Perla lawsuit against Ricardo Miranda in Madrid !!! Ever wondered why the Spanish Judge Jose Emilio Coronado Ruz kept pushing the lawsuit away and allow valuable time to be lost....?, We have now learned that it's because his own brother, Ignacio Coronado Ruz, was involved in potential fraudulent activities around Punta Perla. CLICK HERE to read the full letter form the lawyers behind the lawsuit, they help hundreds of small investors defrauded by Ricardo Miranda in Punta Perla

More people called to the courts of Madrid, where is the money?


Punta Perla News, From the court of Madrid DEC 21st, 2011

Ricardo Miranda, accused of defrauding about 100 Irish families told judge that he had no relationship with clients - Who is financing Ricardo's lifestyle today?, the clients he never met.....


Watch video involving Punta Perla, Leonel and the drug lords!


September 23, 2011

The huge class A lawsuit against Ricardo Mirand from angry investors in his Punta Perla fantasy project has been FORMALLY ACCEPTED by the judge and Ricardo Miranda Miret is summoned to attend to the Courts of Madrid to declare in front of the judge on the 19th October 2011....., Chinese investors running away....... read more



 News update 16 on May 4th, 2011



News March 06, 2011

Prince Albert of Monaco has through his lawyer informed the victims of Punta Perla that he have never endorsed the development and have no connection or business with Ricardo Miranda.

In this link you will find the letter and proof of earlier news claiming he was an investor.


News flash from February 05, 2011


UK Government is poised to take legal action against a company that used TV and sports stars in a suspected £43million overseas property scam. Ocean View was placed into compulsory liquidation at the request of accountants Grant Thornton in 2009, while officers from the Serious Organised Crime Agency were also understood to have begun their own prob.

In a separate but related development(PUNTA PERLA!!), a class action lawsuit to recover money on behalf of dozens of Ocean View victims was filed by a Spanish lawyer in Madrid on Friday. Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/227354/Legal-action-on-swindlers-to-the-stars-Legal-action-on-swindlers-to-the-stars-#ixzz1DCJSlnYT


More newspapers publishing the story here


Soon we will post the BBC TV program, but until then please watch this News Flash from Spain with the lawyer Antonio Flores who deposited the criminal charges against Ricardo Miranda Miret in the court of Madrid.




Other stories - article database about Punta Perla:


Long time Spymaster Robert Eringer and former head of Monaco's intelligence service tells 50 minutes into the broadcast of Januar 14, 2011 that Ricardo Miranda Miret is a con man who have swindled investors in Punta Perla for US$ 60 Million. HRH Prince Albert of Monaco should never have promoted the Punta Perla development. If the Prince had done just a little due dilligence he would have learned about the past of Ricardo Miranda Miret who have several failed developments behind him. Prince Albert  is now partly responsiable for the investors loses due to his endorsement of Punta Perla.......



In this 2 year old article from the biggest national newspaper in the Dominican Republic you can read about the original promotion of Punta Perla by President Leonel Fernandez and Prince Albert of Monaco. 20,000 jobs would be created, US$ 5 Billion invested and the hotel ready in 2009...... Now two years later not a single word of what they told the newspaper has happened despite the promises made in the article by these top officials. Both President Leonel and Prince Albert must have a serious bad taste in their mouth after misleading 500 small investors.

Here are some additional official comments from Punta Perla event....... They are just too funny to read today!!!

Prince Albert II of Monaco, which was considered a project partner, was present, which was her second visit to the country, dressed in color chacabana lemongrass and cream pants, accompanied Fernandez and the president of the company Punta Perla, Spanish Ricardo Miranda, piebald ceremony. "This area is a national beauty," said the Prince in English.
President Fernandez, who arrived by helicopter just the ceremony at 1:00 pm, said the project meets an old dream of theirs, "rather a utopia", which had been harboring since his first government to convert 1996-2000 the Dominican Republic "at the Monaco of the Caribbean.

"What I think is in the power of dreams, the power of utopias. The fact is that I have that holds a hope, a dream and keeps at it, one day becomes a reality. I never thought that by taking this utopia to the Dominican Republic Caribbean Monaco, we would have the Prince of Monaco joining us here today, "said Fernandez.

He said the presence of Prince Albert II ensures that this paradise of the Caribbean Sea to bind to the Mediterranean Sea, and there will be a continuous exchange, a flow of tourists between Monaco and the country and vice versa.


Dominican Watchdog Note:  Despite all the problems in determing which website is the official site.... www.puntaperla.com, www.puntaperla.org or www.puntaperla.com.do, they all open and close and change owners and content on a monthly basis!! Anyway I believe that currently www.puntaperla.com.do is the one Ricardo Miranda controls. However this new official US$ 500 website does not mention a word about Prince Albert of Monaco..... Hilarious !! Ricardo, how can you do a USD 5 Billion development and not control the same domain for just a few months.... your official website has no address, no phone numbers and no contact persons. Do you even have a sales office today? Is it possible to meet you? Please inform me where investors can meet you!!! Who in their right mind would ever belive you can build a marina, 3 golf courses and thousands of homes if you can't keep a simple website and run a sales office?



December 02, 2010

Private detective now investigating Ricardo Miranda and his back office operations.

........I have been to Madrid to observe the daily activities in the office. Limited individuals are seen entering the office on the fourth floor of Glorieta de Ruben Dario 3.  The doorman refers to the occupying tenant as GCP, SA.  Telephone calls are not answered and the door seemingly ignored.  Speaking with one employee for economic compensation, it was learned that GCP, SA acts as a parent company for the Punta Perla project, employing the few local employees in Madrid, the majority of whom have departed the company with money owed to them, including Eva Sotres.  It was also confirmed that Ricardo Miranda at that moment was in the Dominican Republic.   Names and telephones of additional former employees acquired.  Contact was made with these employees in Madrid. They have provided valuable information that is in the process of being confirmed.  Others present in the building mentioned that GCP was being evicted by the owner for failure to pay rent for over 4 months.......

........I can report is that there will be a case being heard today, December 2, 2010, for the eviction of Mr. Miranda from his home due to failure to pay.  As more information resulting from the investigations being carried out in Spain and the Dominican Republic is verified, all will be duly informed of the findings.

You can read everything about the investigations here


October 19th 2010 -  What is behind the Chinese Money Connection? Taiwan unruffled by Chinese funding of investment in Punta Perla Dominican Republic

The money is a political gesture and part of China's plan to grow their activities and long term influence in weak countries around the world. The money is not enough to change the history and current difficult market situation for real estate in the DR.

Even with a large scale investor from China there is no guarantee that Punta Perla will ever be a commercial success for the small investors due to the following facts: Not a single property has been sold to any rich and important local family in the Dominican Republic, despite these families have invested heavily into famous resort developments nearby which are now in serious trouble. Investors in Cap Cana are not able to resell their units and the project is a ghost town today even Billions of dollars has been invested using the name of Donald Trump. Roco Ki (partly backed by one of richest and most powerful Dominican families(click on Vicini Group -The Price of Sugar, to see where the money came from) has fired most employees and closed sales operations. Both Cap Cana and Roco Ki are located only a few miles from Punta Perla!

It's not enough to build the project, it also has to be sold and investors have to be able to resell their units. Finally somebody has to live there and that has not happened with any of the above luxury developments. That's why this idea is dead in todays market.


September 8th 2010 - Legal opinion from leading Dominican lawfirm now available for everybody to read on the following domains www.RicardoMirandaMiret.com and www.AlexRood.com - There should no longer be any doubt about the fact stated by Dominican Watchdog over a year ago. Ricardo Miranda Miret, Paraiso Tropical and Punta Perla DON'T HAVE 10,000,000(ten million) m2 of land in the Dominican Republic!!!!

Furthermore Dominican Watchdog has received confidential information that part of the apartments sold in the Punta Perla development is NOT inside the 2,5 million m2 that Paraiso Tropical SA might control(depending upcoming court cases). Some kind of fraud can not be excluded at this time, and the only sensible action against Ricardo Miranda Miret and the other board members of Paraiso Tropical SA is a criminal investigation which should be combined with the missing funds in Spain and Morocco.

You should contact Ollie Reel(he and his brothers bought 5 units in Punta Perla and Estapona, Spain). His email address is on top of the legal opinion. Investors needs to stand together in this battle and maximize media attention against Ricardo Miranda.


Arrest warrant on Ricardo Miranda Miret and proof of transfers of investors funds!

This news was realesed Yesterday (August 6th) by the Spanish lawyer Antonio who represent a large group of investors defrauded by Ricardo Miranda's projects. Bank statemements are now published to proof large amounts of money transfers. (This is the unsecured deposits from investors which has been distributed between companies close to Ricardo Miranda!) - Read the full article from Antonio and see the statments here-


However don't expect to get your money back before a claim has been registered on the land owned by Paraiso Tropical - Thats why Dominican Watchdog from day one asked "Where is the money?", and why was no escrow account established to protect investors in Punta Perla and all the other failed Ricardo Miranda Miret developments?


News update April 4, 2010 - Ricardo Miranda lost Class A lawsuit from angry investors in Spanish fantasy project.


News update April 19, 2010 Nuria Piera removes Punta Perla broadcast from her website


News update date April 29, 2010 - Again a new Punta Perla website live at www.puntaperla.com

Also today - Sungolf - OVP lost another case in Spain on April 23 -  puntaperla.wordpress.com


News Update MAY 6, 2010 from Spanish Lawyer Antonio's blog:

"....... there is sufficient evidence to consider criminal prosecution against Ricardo Miranda Miret, the director of the company at the time (and still is) and its shareholders Rosa María Prado Rubio and Javier Espinosa"

"If one reads the article and analyses how the whole plan was concocted, it seems clear that there was not the slightest intention to build and sell 395 units in Estepona by either Sungolf Desarrollo Inmobiliario S.A or OVP, respectively, but just to extract €30 million to buy into the Dominican Republic Punta Perla development, which makes this a massive swindle equivalent in size to the Fortuna Land scam although with an international component"

Click on Antonio's blog above to read the full content. Or go to this copy secured by Dominican Watchdog


It looks like the presure from angry investors who lost money on the other Ricardo Miranda projects is building up from around the world. Lawbird and CostaLuz in Spain has together more than 20 pending cases against Sungolf and OVP. A group of Irish investors who have invested in both Estapona and Punta Perla is preparing a massive law suit against Ricardo Miranda.

Dominican Watchdog has received copies of emails from Pellerano Herrera and Guzman in the Dominican Republic. One thing is clear from these emails. Mark Andrews post about the land being without mortgage and free of any liens is NOT true! Furthermore the law firm can only confirm that Paraiso Tropical has just under 2,5 Million M2 of land and not the 10 Million as advertised. Dominican Watchdog is still waiting to see the proclaimed valuation of USD 2 Billion from the Dominican National Bank which Mark Andrews claims to have seen.


Here is a part of the email from  Wed, 5 May, 2010 0:30:07 :

...............Regarding the matter of reference we have conducted an informal investigation on the lots as the only assets indentified in the Dominican Republic under the control and property of Paraiso Tropical, S.A.

In that sense, parcel No.67-B-20, D.C. 11/3ra. with an extension of 94Has., 23As. and 10Cas, and Parcel No. 67-B-18. D.C. 11/3ra. with an extension of 09Has., 96As. and 07Cas, by ruling from the Land Court, have been merged into one piece of land under Title Deed number 1000018253, with an extension of 2,429,299.50 Meters Square, property of Paraiso Tropical, S. A. and are affected by the following liens, oppositions and litigation:

a. First Mortgage on behalf of Inversiones Mijarma, S. A. of USD$15,000,000.00
b. Opposition on behalf of Oscar Rachell Domínguez.
c. Notification of Real State Litigation on behalf of the Land Court according to official letter of August, 13th, 2007 Notification of Real State Litigation on behalf of Carlos Sánchez, Andrés Liester Martínez, Inversiones CCF, S. A., Chesley Investment, S. A., Internacional de Valores, S. A., Boreal S. A., Centros Comerciales Dominicanos, S.A. and Adzer Bienes Raíces, S. A., according to notification of December, 09th, 2009................

end of email from Domincian law firm



Yesterday MAY 5th 2010, Dominican Watchdog sent an email to Nuria Piera for an explanation about why her webcast about Punta Perla was removed from her website after 9 days of showing. In the interest of international consumers protection and until escrow accounts has been established for Punta Perla consumer warnings from national and international media is required.



Our first article of July 2009:

Despite our letter to the responsiable behind the Punta Perla real estate development over 6 weeks ago has Dominican Watchdog not received any anwser to all our questions so we must advice that you do not invest in that project.

Here is a copy of our letter to the Punta Perla management. Please note that; HRH Prince Albert of Monaco is not as earlier proclaimed an investor in the Punta Perla real estate development project - See this link

The letter of MAY 12, 2009 was based on the fact that Dominican Watchdog has received a large amount of email from worried investors in Punta Perla, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.


Dear Eva Sotres,

Punta Perla Caribbean Golf, Marina & Spa, S.A.
Glorieta de Rubén Darío 3, 4º Izquierdo
28010 Madrid, SPAIN


Please update me on the repeatedly postponed real estate development Punta Perla - investors are anxious to know the truth! I understand you are the person responsible for investor relations?

The official websites for www.puntaperla.com and www.puntaperlasales.com are both CLOSED!

Please make sure this email also reach Mr. Ricardo Miranda Miret , because I can not find contact details for him. Mr Miranda is extremely well known for leaving a lot of investors stranded in Spain. He has now unveiled a "new" development; Punta Perla with Prince Albert of Monaco in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Miranda also claims he returned the money to OceanView according to this article below. Dominican Watchdog has many questions for Mr Miranda!



More about Oceanview Properties International Ltd 

The Official Receiver is conducting an investigation into the collapse of Oceanview Properties International Ltd, and a letter to creditors has been sent out with a request for all relevant information.

Staffordshire Police, the Serious Fraud Office and the City of London Police have been working closely with the Insolvency Service in respect of allegations made concerning the activities of the company and its officers. Further meetings between these agencies have been scheduled to review the findings and consider any evidence of criminal conduct within the UK.

Any creditor wishing to register their claim with the Insolvency Service should provide their details prior to the creditors meeting to be held on 5 June 2009.

They can do this either in writing to The Case Administrator, The Insolvency Service, Public Interest Unit (North), 3 Piccadilly Place, London Road, Manchester, M1 3BN, or by ringing 0161 234 8469 or by e-mailing


In addition Dominican Watchdog has contacted www.emergingearth.com as they are still advertising the Punta Perla project on their website, despite the fact that not a single home has yet been build three years into the sale of the project. Emerging Earth is also mentioned in this document filed with the authorities in Canada against Paradiso Tropical SA and Mr. Ricardo Miranda: http://www.cudicbc.ca/pdf/enforcement/restate/redma20080514.pdf


Furthermore, I have researched more than 400 articles form the internet. The reading is NOT in favor of the Punta Perla development. I hope you have requisite news for all the investors?




 Please see newspaper links below:








Just one small quote among almost thousand in the singingpig forum: "i invested in punta perla and he stole over 250 thousand dollars from me. i contacted the F.B.I. and so far no luck. he scams 1000 investors, any one have any idea how and what to do. have a lawyer but i think all money is gone"


http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/tourism/2008/12/29/30576/Prince-Albert-of-Monaco-to-launch-Dominican-tourist-complex PLEASE note that article was altered after our questions to HRH but here is the original article stating that he is an investors in the project


Important Update and Questions about Punta Perla from Investors and Dominican Watchdog

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