IMF: Dominican Government must halt its “darkest personal privileges” UPDATE - In a confidential report the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suggests to Dominican authorities to implement sweeping fiscal changes, including raising the Industrialized Goods and Services Transference Tax (ITBIS) from 16 to 18%, and eliminate the tax breaks to the various productive sectors, as an adjustment measure.



It also says the Government must put an end to “the darkest personal privileges granted through simple contracts.”

As cited by the IMF’s recommendations figure in the report “Tax measures for fiscal adjustment” delivered to the authorities last December.

It said the adjustment measures need to be implemented to reduce the fiscal deficit from 3.5% to 2.5% by January 2013, with cuts on spending, adjustments in the electrical sector, and stronger tax collection effort.

Incentives to investment must be rationalized, the IMF says, while suggesting the elimination of the many tax breaks which it affirms “is a delayed task which should start immediately.”

The IMF concluded the “stand-by” agreement with the country in March, which led to several disbursements totaling US$1.2 billion until the sixth revision. “There’s an immense number of laws and decrees granting exemptions and other tax benefits in Dominican Republic, from the most known such as those to free zone companies, to the darkest personal privileges granted through simple contracts."


Anticorruption group files criminal complaint against beleaguered senator

The Dominican Anticorruption Alliance (ADOCCO) filed a criminal complaint against ruling party senator and ex head of the State Works Engineer Supervisors Office (OISOE) Felix Bautista, on alleged malfeasance of more than RD$12.0 billion since 2008.

ADOCCO coordinator Julio Cesar de la Rosa said an Accounts Chamber audit conducted from January 1 to December 31 2008 reveals irregularities such as a RD$2.8 billion payment for works costing only RD$1.5 billion; RD$6.5 billion illegally ballooned for works contracted between 2005 and 2008; the Palacio de Bellas Artes below-surface parking lot cost overrun, from RD$761.1 million to RD$1.6 billion; and works contracted at a cost higher than budgeted without specifying where the additional money would come from.

De la Rosa submitted the complaint to Justice Ministry Anticorruption Department (DPCA) director Hotoniel Bonilla, and announced another formal complaint to be filed in the next few days into alleged cost overruns in more than RD$700.0 million in the reconstruction of the National Library and the Plaza de la Cultura, from the original contract for RD$500.0 million.

ADOCCO is the latest entity to file a complaint against Bautista, who’s also been accused of bribing Haiti government officials to obtain major construction contracts.


Another complaint filed against beleaguered Senator

The association of attorneys CONA filed at complaint on Tuesday against Senator and senior ruling PLD party leader Felix Bautista, for the alleged violation of the Purchases and Contracts Law 340-06

A commission of CONA and its president Yuniol Ramirez filed the complaint in the Supreme Court, which notes that, ”The Constitution of January  2010…stipulates the citizens’ right to denounce an irregularity committed by government officials in the performance of their function.”

“Similarly in article 75 on the Fundamental Duties of the Magna Charta establishes…as the fundamental duties that people safeguard and strengthen the quality of democracy, the respect for the public patrimony and the transparent exercise of the public function,” Ramirez said.

CONA is the latest entity to file a complaint against the beleaguered Senator for San Juan Province, for alleged ileguralities in the billions of pesos as director of the State Works Supervisory Engineers Office (OISOE).


Original story: Kings of Corruption, Dominican Senator Felix Bautista "Dirty" as expected, UPDATE 2

All the problems mentioned by IMF and the extreme corruption has been the trademark of president Leonel for 8 years! read more

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