Home buyers demand more security on rising crime in Dom Rep
DominicanToday.com -  Potential home buyers are increasingly demanding more security  from the projects on increased citizen insecurity nationwide, affirms the Housing Builders and Promoters Association (Acoprovi).


Interviewed by newspaper Hoy, Acoprovi president Fermín Acosta, and Rafael (Tato) Bisono, president of the construction giant Bisono, said the guarantee of security is now one of the builders’ top priorities in a new project.

They said contrary to previous years, the projects being built must have peripheral steel fencing even with trench wires, while one of the most frequent demands from buyers is that it has a single entrance, to easily control entry and exit.

The housing leaders affirm that that the tendency is toward totally enclosed residential complexes, for a better control over access.

Acosta and Bisono said builders are increasingly spending more to guarantee a secure project, while the buyers must also pay for private vigilance, security cameras and permanent energy services to assure lighting, among other measures.

They added that as the result of rising crime, once it starts to be inhabited a residential project, whether apartments or houses, what residents want first is the guarantee they’ll live in a safe place.


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Crimes out of control outside Casa de Campo:

Series of killings in La Romana

DR1.com - A series of more than seven contract killings in the country's eastern region over the last few months has caused concern. The highest profile case in La Romana was the contract killing of journalist Jose Agustin Silvestre on 2 August 2011, when the victim was found in bushes at the entrance to the La Romana-San Pedro de Macoris highway. The death of "El Gajo," as Silvestre was known in his native city, was allegedly ordered by one of the bosses of the so-called Cartel del Este.

Also, last year on Monday, 12 September, the authorities found the body of a man only identified as Manuel de Jesus, 55, a resident of Maria Trinidad Sanchez sector, in some weeds near the entrance to the Don Juan II residential complex, also located on the highway. Before that, on the night of September 8, along a stretch of the Autovia del Este, near the cemetery on the highway between La Romana and Higueral, the headless body of a male was discovered, and 20 days later, the lifeless body of Manuel de Jesus Burdier (El Guardia) was found in some bushes alongside Kilometer 4 of the La Romana-San Pedro de Macoris highway.

Then on Sunday 2 October 2011, the body of Luz Maria Santana (La China) was found. It was believed that she was ordered to be killed and although it was said that the killers had received payment, more than RD$400,000 was found at the murder scene, along with some documents. Likewise, last 11 January, Junior Santana Garcia and/or Maicol Santana Garcia, also known as King Kong, 23, was found shot to death in some trees in the barrio of La Lechosa in the municipality of Villa Hermosa. His partner, a woman named only as Massiel, admitted that her man used marijuana. Another recent homicide in La Romana involved the Puerto Rican pilot of an aircraft found with cocaine.

On 24 December 2011, Nahw Castillo Silven (Gugu), 35, was found dead on Saona Island. He had been stabbed. Likewise, Moises Puello Ramirez, 21, lost his life after being stabbed in the chest on Los Sindicos Street in La Romana. On 1 December, Cristian Santana Santana, 21, a resident of the Brisas del Mar sector of the municipality of Villa Hermosa in La Romana, died in the local hospital. He had been stabbed with an ice pick by Roddy Antonio Luis.

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