Former Reds star Jose Rijo charged with money laundering in Dom Rep

( - Prosecutor Soraime Vargas says about 80 percent of the assets of fugitive drug suspect Avelino Castro were in Rijo's name. Those assets allegedly include two hotels and a sports complex. Vargas announced money laundering charges against the former pitcher at a news conference Monday.

Prosecutors asked a court to order Rijo to remain in the country but did not seek his arrest.

The 47-year-old Rijo led the Cincinnati Reds to the 1990 world championship. He also pitched for the Athletics and Yankees. Authorities began investigating him as part of a broader investigation after a Dominican journalist was kidnapped and killed, allegedly on the orders of Castro.


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Gunmen kill journalist who linked Dominican Prosecutor to drugs(UPDATE 3)


Dominican Republic TV reporter Jose Silvestre was kidnapped and killed. Dominican journalist’s murder draws world attention with press release from Amnesty International. Police Chief instructed by the President to personally head investigation.......

Update 2 - Police names killers...... 

Update 3 - Ex Cincinnati Reds star Jose Rijo’s hotel raided in murder probe......

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