Former All-star Yankees Pitcher Killed in Dominican Republic

( - Former Major League Baseball All-Star pitcher Pascual Perez, 55, was fatally stabbed during a robbery in his home in the Dominican Republic at approximately 12 a.m., reports the Associated Press.

Perez, who was named to the MLB All-Star team in 1983, played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves, Montreal Expos and New York Yankees during his professional baseball career, which spanned from 1980 to 1991. He ran into trouble with the law after being arrested for cocaine possession in 1984 and was suspended from the league.

Perez subsequently failed drug tests in 1992, which led to the termination of his contract with the New York Yankees.

He played one season in China in 1996, but did not return to professional baseball afterwards.

More from the local news:

Domingo.- The embattled ex Major League pitcher Pascual (Cuta) Perez was killed  Thursday during an armed robbery at his residence in the town of Haina, 10 miles west of the capital.

The hurler received his Major League Baseball pension money yesterday, and the likely motive for the fatal assault and a stab wound to the neck.  He was reportedly suffering from an ailment at the time of the attack.

A 12- year veteran of the Dominican Winter League, Perez pitched eight seasons with Santiago’s Aguilas and four with Santo Domingo’s Tigres, racking up 44 wins and a 2.86 ERA to become one of the best Dominican pitchers.

In the U.S. Perez played with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves, Montreal Expos and the New York Yankees, in addition to the 1983 MLB All-Star Game.

Among “Cuta’s” antics were getting lost on the way to the stadium, often showing up late for practice, and goofy expressions on the diamond.

His two brothers, Mélido and Carlos, as well as his cousin Vladimir, also made it to the Majors.

Melido Perez said his brother, 54, was murdered 5am today. He said he suffered from a terminal liver disease.



Police said they have arrested three suspects in the killing of former New York Yankees pitcher Pascual "Cutá" Pérez during a robbery at his home last week, while two others remained at large.

According to General Maximo Aybar, the chief of the police force's criminal investigations division, one of the three suspects had confessed to killing Pérez, who was found beaten to death last Thursday at his home near Santo Domingo.

Aybar said the three suspects had confessed to conspiring to rob Pérez of his Major League Baseball pension, which he received at the end of each month. Two other suspects are being sought, and no formal charges has been filed, he said


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