Fernandez asked to order probe into journalist’s “grave” denouncement(Update 2)
DominicanToday.com - The Dominican Alliance Against Corruption, ADOCCO, asked president Leonel Fernandez to order an investigation on the denunciation by the journalist Marino Zapete, of an alleged planned attempt on his life.

ADOCCO General coordinator Julio Cesar Tiburcio de la Rosa said a fact of that nature would bring about “social upheaval of unpredictable consequences,” since Dominican society no longer allows that type of aggression against people who criticize the status quo.

It said Zapete’s denunciation has been already informed to the more than 190 civil society institutions around the world which guard against corruption and for human rights.

ADOCCO, describing Zapete’s denouncement as “very grave,” called on Fernandez to prevent, during his Administration, another case such as the disappearance of the also journalist Narcizo Gonzalez (Narcisazo).

Zapete, television commentator for two programs on Antena Latina and Teleradio America, had been arrested for criticizing the Government during the Hipolito Mejia Presidency.

Dominican Watchdog Notice:

There has been a recent assasination attempt on a famous Santiago lawyer and TV host:

Impunity is complicity

DR1.com - Founder of the AMET force in the DR, engineer Hamlet Hermann says that the case of the attempted murder against news commentator Jordi Veras Rodriguez in Santiago, is another example of the complicity to the government with crime. "Assassins for hire seem acceptable in these times, despite the modernity that President Leonel Fernandez claims for the nation. And what is happening in Santiago where criminality and impunity have grown exorbitantly?" he asks. "In this country the authorities pretend to be deaf and live in a state of absolute denial," he writes in Hoy. "Those that are so anxious to hold on to power are not measuring the consequences of these crimes against the honest and serious sectors in the country. This criminal attack against Jordi Veras Rodriguez, son of lawyer Ramon Antonio Veras, is an attempt against all of us who combat government corruption and the growing misery, despite the fallacies touted by the Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund," he writes.
He says that the murders that are happening in plain daylight can only be explained by the "absolute impunity that someone has guaranteed for local and foreign assassins by contract."
"And that is why we cannot abandon the idea that crime is on the rise in the DR thanks to the impunity that comes forth from the complicity of military, police, judges and government officers in the commission of all kinds of crimes," he concludes.

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News update drom DR1.com June 15th 2010

Death threats against Marino Zapete

The Dominican Alliance against Corruption (ADOCCO) has called on President Leonel Fernandez to order an investigation into claims by journalist Marino Zapete that his life is in danger.

Zapete produces the TV program El Despertador on Antena Latina, Channel 7, and El Jarabe, on TeleRadio America.

ADOCCO's Julio Cesar de la Rosa Tiburcio said that on Monday, after one of his shows, Zapete received an envelope with a CD detailing an alleged plan to murder him. In the CD, Zapete is warned that his telephones and emails are being intercepted, that he is being followed, and that his life is in danger.

ADOCCO called on to Dominican society to be empowered and not to allow that the rule of law, for which so many have given their lives, should be subverted by bad Dominicans who want to use public institutions for personal feuds that do not stand up to criticism in the press or from civil society institutions.

As reported in Clave Digital, on Thursday Zapete denounced that the chief of the Police, General Rafael Guillermo Guzman Fermin had visited media executives and owners and told them that Zapete could suffer an attempt for the many fronts he had opened with his criticism. Guzman said that he was concerned that if there was an attempt against Zapete he could be blamed because of the constant claims that Zapete has made against his work at the head of the Police. Zapete said that with the comments, the chief of the Police wants to evade responsibility in the case of any attempt that might be made against him for denouncing murders in so-called exchanges of gunfire between alleged criminals and the police in the barrios. Zapete has criticized these incidents, saying they are in violation of Dominican law because there is no death penalty in the DR.

On Monday, Zapete delivered proof of his claim that Police chief Guzman Fermin wants to kill him. Upon leaving National District prosecutor Alejandro Moscoso Segarra's office, Zapete said that the prosecutor was not interested in investigating the case, and that he does not trust that government department. Zapete has accused Major General Guzman Fermin of "planning people's executions and murders every day." He said that President Leonel Fernandez would be responsible for his physical safety if he keeps Guzman Fermin in the post.

Zapete said that the district prosecutor and general prosecutor Radhames Jimenez are unlikely to investigate the chief of the Police, even if they had proof in the case. He said that chief of the police governs the prosecutor general, the justice and even the President of the Republic.

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