Feared truckers union linked to bloody execution in Dominican capital
DominicanToday.com - An ex Army captain who ran a trucking business toward Haiti was gunned down in plain daylight yesterday afternoon by unidentified assailants who shot him in  his vehicle at a traffic light in the busy intersection of the avenues Winston Churchill and Charles Summer in the capital.

The victim Juan Francisco Santiago, shot four times in the head and neck, of five rounds fired by the gunman in a white car, witnesses said. The victim, who the Police said was a member of the powerful truckers union Fenatrado, was slumped in the seat of his Ford pickup truck, was “bathed” in blood.

Santiago, 45, resided in the Santiago sector Bella Vista and was accompanied by his wife Joselyn Noestir, who was unharmed.

He had been in the business of transporting plantains to Haiti for 10 years, but faced conflicts with that union several months, which had halted his trucks, revealed his friend, Misael Sosa, who affirmed that Santiago had a conflict with Fenatrado, who controls the freight to Haiti.

He added that in last few days Santiago had told him that he feared for his life becuase "he was shot at a few times a few months ago."


The mafia problems with the transport union in the Dominican Republic is out of control, here is a related article:


The deputy and feared transport businessman Juan Hubieres opened a can of worms in Congress on Wednesday, by returning a RD$430,000 bonus given to each legislator for “social expenses “during Christmas, a traditional handout in December.

The Monte Plata Province (east) lawmaker said he will not accept a single cent of the Budget he hasn’t earned and asked how many thousands of pesos will given to the hundreds of Chamber of Deputies workers who are paid meager wages.

He affirmed that the 2011 Budget doesn’t allocate one cent for public works in Monte Plata’s towns and that those who voted for him are working men and women who neither want nor beg and yearn only for a better distribution of wealth. “It’s not ethical, is not dignified or honest to receive more than a million pesos, including my salary, even if it’s to distribute it among compatriots of my province, mostly because the Government hasn’t wanted to include a single work for my municipalities and even more when it argues that there’s no 4 percent of the money for a vital area such as for national education.”


The reactions against those statements came swiftly, beginning with his opposition PRD party colleague Luis Sanchez, who said he doesn’t agree with Hubieres’ excuse to return the bonus.

"He cannot say that the bonuses given with the highest transparency to the deputies of all the parties are dishonest. More dishonest is he who set fire to a bus full of employees who were going to the free zone or who murder a driver for a conflict or who stop paying the government for buses bought years ago," Sanchez said.

The deputy Carlos Gabriel Garcia, also of the PRD said it would’ve been dishonest if the bonds were given only to his colleagues of the ruling PLD party, whereas the convicted people trafficker, Radhamés Ramos Garcia (El Chino), also of the PRD, asked Hubieres to give him the bonds, because "I have many poor to take care of, not only in Christmas, but all year."

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