Famous water amusement park charged with electricity theft
DominicanToday.com - The Office of the Electricity System Prosecutor (PGASE) on Tuesday announced fraud and breach of contract charges against the owners of Santiago’s water amusement park Kaskada.


PGASE director Moisés Ferrer said amusement center manager Jose Rafael Acevedo was charged on two counts of stealing nearly RD$4.0 million in electricity from the distribution company EDENORTE.

He said Kaskada was caught bypassing the electricity meters on three occasions.

Dominican Watchdog Note | How is this possible, it's the owners behind Kaskada who should be charged, they are the ones who profit from it. Lets get the owners into the spotlight..... they probably support PLD!!! Read more about that....


Senior official’s refusal to pay light bill surprise the media(Update 2)

The power company says the official refuses to pay more than RD$2.0 million for electricity consumed in Gutiérrez residence and when Edesur technicians go the house to cut the service, are confronted by Superintendence security guards......Update 2 - Other PLD government officials caught stealing electricity.......


It’s Dominican Republic’s rich who steal the energy, the World Bank says - The World Bank’s representative revealed Tuesday that the unregulated and upscale sectors are the ones which steal the most electricity through fraud.....


New energy czar finds “enormous financial disaster”

The “enormous financial disaster” in the entity, is problem more serious than can be imagined, all due to mega corruption which has created a mountain of debt and the highest electricity prices in Latin America......

Group demands indictments against corrupt Dominican Government officials

CDEEE vice-president Radhamés Segura this week admitted having around 40 relatives on its payroll, after an exposé by the journalist Nuria Piera......


Those who say Leonel has done a good job, raise your hands......, NOT read why here



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