DR1 June 9, 2000 - The Santiago attorney general's office has closed four cigar factories in Santiago for violation of intellectual property rights. The plants manufactured fake Cohiba cigars as well as other foreign and national cigar brands, such as Montecristo, and Romeo and Julieta. Some 20 persons employed in the plants were arrested. Cohiba is one of the better-known Cuban cigar brands. The confiscated fake brands were said to be worth RD$50 million.


Dominican Watchdog Note:

The sale and export of counterfeit cigars from the Dominican Republic needs a new round of visits from attorney general's office. Selling fake COHIBA cigars to tourists in the Dominican Republic is a million Dollar business. Nobody know exactly how big the export market for counterfeit cigars from the DR is, but according to several online articles and forums they are to be found all over the United States.

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