Exams were sold

Diario Libre is reporting that copies of the recently held National Standardized Exams were sold to students throughout the country in advance of the exams and in San Cristobal each was sold for RD$1,200.
Two Ministry of Education employees, Juan de Dios Abad and Michael Alexander Baez Montilla, were sent to jail for their role in the scheme. Lenin Esteba Montilla, also implicated, is not allowed to leave the country and must show up in front of a judge every 30 days. In all seven people are implicated in the scheme. Minister of Education Melanio Paredes says that so far 400 anomalies have been found in exams.

Minister of Education Melanio Paredes has been explaining how over a thousand students were sold the answers to the National Standardized Tests last week. He said the teachers used cell phones and received RD$1,200 for each set of answers. He named seven people, including a ministry employee from School District 15-04 and a teacher from the private sector.
Paredes said that the cheating was discovered during the first of the exams for high school seniors at the Antonio Garabito High School in Cambita, which belongs to School District 4-01 of San Cristobal, when four students were found with cell phones.
Pedro Rodriguez, the ministry's legal advisor, told Listin Diario that the students had handed in their cell phones at the door, while keeping another one hidden.
The discovery at Cambita unleashed a flood of information, because first of all, a young man was arrested with a notebook full of phone numbers and nicknames. "He crossed off the names of the people he managed to get the answers to."
One interesting piece of data revealed by the ministry's investigation showed that of those involved in the cheating, 217 did so on their Spanish test, 191 for the Social Studies test and 618 for the math test.


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