Dominican Ex president carries assault weapons on fear for his life

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Ex president Hipolito Mejia revealed Tuesday that because of the country’s lack of security he travels "with machine guns here (in the vehicle) and sometimes I get scared when they aren’t well greased."  - Mejia said the country’s crime rates are close to those of Mexico. "We are almost reaching the numbers now".....


Four arrested in Higuey; one for robbery of Swiss tourist

The National Police have announced that under the lead of local Colonel Luis Mejia Sanchez, they have arrested four criminals in Higuey, members of a gang that preyed upon people on the streets of the city. They seized one firearm and three Suzuki motorcycles of the type used by the trio that robbed a Swiss couple at gunpoint earlier this week. One of the four, Eramel Guerrero, is accused involvement in the robbery in which the two Swiss tourists were wounded after they stopped their walk to enjoy a beer on the streets of Higuey. The National Police ballistic experts are examining the weapon seized to find out if it is the same one used in the incident.


More police in Zona Colonial to protect tourists

The Colonial Zone had been plagued by a lack of safety for tourists who visit the country each year, but it’s now safer for them, as well as for its residents to walk the streets of this historical area without fear. quoted tourists and residents in the Colonial Zone, where two agents are deployed in every corner.

"These days there are many police on the corners and on motorcycles, but one must be careful because thieves can appear on motorbikes and snatch anyone’s purse," said storeowner Bernardo Antonio Enriquez.

For Barcelona, Spain native John Fonclara, in his 20 years visiting the city, the fact that he had been assaulted several times, hasn’t kept him from returning, because Ï love this land and its tourist zone.”

The tourist said he comes three or four times each year and tries to remain alert to the criminals.


“Untouchable” accused fraudster arrested - The District Prosecutor for the National District requested yesterday three months preventive custody for Karim Abu Naba'a, a dual Dominican-U.S. national accused of document forgery and fraud. This morning judge Alejandro Vargas released him on RD$10 million bail.

Abu Naba’a was arrested on Sunday after he arrived in the Dominican Republic where he had been declared a fugitive from justice for fraud and attempted murder, according to the legal authorities.

He has been wanted by the Dominican authorities since April 2011. One of the accusations against him involves the theft of a luxury Ferrari Enzo car, valued at US$1.3 million. He allegedly forged the owner’s signature in order to retrieve the car from Dominican customs.

Karim Abu Naba'a is also accused of attempted murder by a lawyer who tried to reach an out-of-court settlement with him in another case of supposed fraud. Lawyer Gustavo Mejía Ricart says that Abu Naba'a insulted him and tried to kill him with a sub-machine gun but his bodyguard succeeded in diverting the shot and calmed him down. Mejía Ricart had been told by the justice system that his case against Abu Naba'a was “blocked”.

Many press reports have focused on allegations that although Karim Abu Naba'a was known for many incidents of this sort, he was considered “untouchable” by the justice system, because of his romantic relationship with former president Fernández’s oldest daughter.

Karim Abu Naba'a, who was born in the United States in 1984 to a Dominican mother and an Arab father, has flouted at least three exit bans and has never responded to court summons. He was also reportedly known for travelling around the country with military escorts, as well as taking advantage of his links with then-president Fernández for supposedly taking weapons on private flights landing at Las Américas airport, which provided access to the VIP salon usually reserved for foreign dignitaries.

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