Ex president Leonel Fernandez gets 20 years in prison for corruption

DominicanToday.com - More than 100 people gathered last night in a park in the upscale sector of Naco where they staged the first parody of popular trials against ex president Leonel Fernandez, who in a symbolic first conviction  was sentenced to 20 years in prison, forfeiture of all assets acquired after 1996 and 187,000 “hat slaps” to represent the country’s estimated RD$187.0 billion fiscal hole.

The “tribunal” formed by a group of organizations headed by Liberka Reyes, of the Political Action Network (RAP) also condemned the former chief executive of being responsible for fiscal deficit, equal to 8.5% of the GDP.

The hearing featured two people wearing masks allusive to Fernandez (defendant) and Marino Vinicio Castillo (Vincho) as defense lawyer, while Extended Front general secretary Dionicio Restituyo represented "the prosecutor," who requested a 30 year prison sentence, a 40 year ban on exercising a public function and the confiscation of all his properties, including his Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (Funglode).

The steady rain didn't’t halt the mock-trial-protest by dozens of people at the Lira park on Lincoln Av, to rebuke the tax package and demand indictments of the alleged perpetrators

In addition to RAP, the activity was organized by movements of young adults, La Multitud, Juventud Caribe, Juventud Alianza País and La Revuelta.


Ex prosecutor files criminal charges against ex President, close aides

Justice minister Francisco Domínguez on Tuesday received an accusation of corruption in a deficit of RD$187.0 billion against ex president Leonel Fernandez, former Public Works minister Victor Diaz Rua, and ex State Works Engineers Supervisory Office ( OISOE) director and current Senator, Felix Bautista.

The accusation filed by Guillermo Moreno, ex National District Prosecutor during Fernandez’s first term, accuses the former president, Díaz Rúa and Bautista, among others, whom the complaint says should be identified in the course of the investigation, of the RD$187 billion fiscal deficit, revealed by Economy minister Temistocles Montas on October 4, just weeks after president Danilo Medina took office.

The complaint claims there’s evidence that shows Fernandez, as President, admitted using taxpayers money to pay for the so called "mini-payrolls" as well as more than 40 billion pesos in Medina’s campaign.

It also accuses the three of ballooning payrolls and using taxpayers money for private trips abroad, relating to Fernandez’s Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE).

It also says Diaz Rua and Bautista “schemed to embezzle and overvalue construction works” from January to August, which practically exhausted the 2012 budget of both agencies.


Watch video about ex president Leonel Fernandez connection to all these drug activities!!

Dominican Watchdog Note | It's amazing how all these political nobodies get together and decide to rob their own country. With no respect for human rights and basic civilization they just steal and steal for as long as they are in power. They keep their people ignorant with useless education ranking among the worst in the region. How did Leonel "a tattoo guy" from the worst area of New York become president of the Dominican Republic for 12 years? That's a real mystery for me and most other intelligent people!!! Mock court or not, he deserves at least 20 years in prison, but instead his wife became vice president in the new PLD government in order to keep their family hands in the cookee jar. Hang him to state an example!

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