Dutch tourist murdered in her home in Cabrera, Dominican Republic

Dominican Watchdog Note | As usual there is very little news about murders of foreingers in order to protect the turist industry, but here is a national article in Spanish and below comments and links to national press in Holland:

Prensa Libre Nagua

Nagua, Republica Dominicana, 17 julio 2013.- Fue en Cabrera que una señora de nacionalidad holandesa fue asesinada a puñaladas en su residencia.
El Departamento de Criminología de la Policía Nacional en Cabrera identificó a la ciudadana como JINA VAN SOMEREN.
Aunque el Departamento de Investigaciones Criminales mantiene activamente una investigación del caso, no se han reportado datos de personas detenidas.
El cuerpo sin vida fue encontrada en su residencia de la calle Proyecto No. 5 s/n, Residencial Maria.
La señora JINA VAN SOMERENE, de nacionalidad Holandesa, de 42 años de edad, la cual fue degollada y con varias estocadas de arma blanca, miembros de la P. N. investigan el caso quienes presumen que se trata de un crimen pasional por lo que tienen varias personas detenidas para fines de investigación, mientras que el cadáver de la Holandesa fue enviado a Patología Forense a San Francisco de Macorís.


Comments from the local Dominican forum on DR1.com

It made the Dutch media in which they use the word "butchered"
Nederlandse afgeslacht op Dominicaanse Republiek - Binnenland | Het laatste nieuws uit Nederland leest u op Telegraaf.nl [binnenland]

Last year a Dutch woman was also murdered.
Dutch Woman Murdered

Of all the countries I have lived in this is the one were expats get murdered the most

As the economy becomes worse here in the DR, I fear that incidents like this will increase. I can't help but notice that a lot of the businesses in town seem slow or dead. I've seen numerous businesses shut down since I arrived. The DR is heavily dependent on tourism, and the EU is in a major economic crisis and the USA has a "unofficial" unemployment rate of 23%. That means less people are flying down here which means less money for the locals, businesses closing, etc. This means people here get desperate and those of us who are perceived as having money are targets. It is best NOT to look like you have money.

Unfortunately, if you have pale White skin, it is impossible for you not to look like you have money. If you're not brown or black you're a "rich gringo" who may be targeted as the economy here deteriorates. I've been saying for years that the world is heading into another major depression and the 2008 crisis was just the beginning. Hang in there folks, we're all in for a bumpy ride. Even my own businesses have been hit by the crisis, thank goodness I saved, invested, and managed my money well while times were good. Anyway, what happened to Gina was a horrible tragedy and I don't wish that on anyone. Being stabbed to death especially is a gruesome way to go.

Dutch Foreign Affairs advises travelers to the Dominican Republic to be vigilant. This travel warning for a year.

Nederlandse gedood in Dominicaanse Republiek | Volg het nieuws terwijl het gebeurt

The police let the first suspect go after 48 hours in custody. They are not saying why(still under investigation) but folks are guessing the fingerprints didn't match up. They are now in pursuit of another suspect and have enlisted the help of the NP throughout the country. This suspect is supposedly linked to another unsolved murder in Cabrera, an Italian who was killed in the same manner. This murder happened within the last year but I don't know the exact date. Some close to the case think the prints match up to this guy, who was a suspect and fingerprinted in the other murder but never convicted. Anyone with more accurate or more recent news please let us know. Gina's ceremony is this week. Still an unsolved tragedy. K


Besides a few comments, not a word in the Dominican press in English, but another few comments from a Dutch website

  • Comment from Peter K - July 19, 2013 @ 12:46

    Gina van Someren was 42 years. 
    Ms. Van Someren was found in her home. 
    She was murdered:. neck cut and has been hit by a series of stabbings 
    There are a number of persons detained for investigation. 
    It is probably a 'crimen Pasional' ( crime pasionelle). 
    The body of Van Someren is the subject of pathological forensics.

  • Comment from Edward - July 19, 2013 @ 13:18

    In those countries become generally opposition during rape also considered to crime Pasional.

  • Comment from Thomas - July 19, 2013 @ 15:03

    According to Listin Diario, the oldest newspaper in the country, is about one "Aim Jevan Someran" which I read as Richtje van Someren. Maybe its official name. She would have been 44 years old.

    On a website she writes about herself:

    "My name is Gina van Someren. I am originally from the Netherlands. I have been coming to the Dominican Republic since 1994. After spending different vacations on this beautiful Island I Decided to relocate to the Dominican Republic. 
    I started working as a representative for a German Travel Organization in Sosua. After a year I changed jobs and started working for Northern Coast Aqua Sports. I held different positions there from the sales department to office manager. 
    After more than six years it was time for a change. I moved to Cabrera and I am now Involved with Patricia Gordon Associates. "

    So read them there has successfully built a new life. So sad to come. To your end

  • Comment from Brian - July 19, 2013 @ 16:48

    Most people in countries like DR living in a prison. Houses with bars and security .. a common thief can not get walked as 1-2-3. Mugging does occur but are often quick jobs where quick money or bv jewelry stolen. This case and several cases of murdered foreigners they often knew the perpetrators (that's why they let these people in their home). Cabrera story is that one of the suspects a "good" friend of Gina who was also was on drugs (I can not confirm). Most homicides are idd gepleegt by friends (or lovers exlovers). Go eg older foreigners relationships with often very young local people who come from poor neighborhoods (with reason money) .. cultural and financial differences are huge with sometimes fatal consequences ..


WARNING! Too many tourists & foreign investors are killed in Dominican Republic - Body Count: 27, Who is next? Canadian civil war world blogger calls DR the world's most dangerous country!


The Belgium Consul has been assaulted twice in a month in Puerto Plata


Welcome to "Little Mexico" - The Consul of the Kingdom of Belgium in the Dominican Republic reported that it he has been assaulted twice in less than a month at his home in Perla Marina - Cabarete, by hooded individuals with firearms that have carted off with goods and have opened the safe....... The diplomat warned that his country could issue a warning to its citizens stating "Do not travel to the Dominican Republic,"......

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