Due to a weak President, It’s corruption that has Dominicans on their knees!
DominicanToday.com - Parish priest Fray Santiago Batista said Tuesday that more than the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it’s corruption and the social exclusion of most Dominicans which keeps the country at its knees.

“The people are depressed because they have placed their hopes on its governments and has seen other things instead,” the prelate said in a mass to mark the 50th anniversary of the opposition PRD party’s arrival.

He said there’s still time for president Leonel Fernandez to eradicate the virus of corruption and confront it with valor and transparency.

The Las Mercedes parish (Colonial Zone) said the country lives under a hurricane on vicissitudes from the economic difficulties of its citizens. “We want a new face in Dominican politics.”

Batista deplored the recently approved package of new taxes, which in his view jeopardize the poor directly.

He urged Fernandez to apply austerity by reducing the number of ministers and vice ministers, that he called excessive and that many spend taxpayers’ money unnecessarily.


Politicians have Dominicans on their knees

DR1.com - Eduardo Estrella, president of the Dominicans for Change (DxC) party says that the government is wrong to try to attribute the blame for the current economic crisis on the International Monetary Fund and to say that the IMF has the country on its knees. Estrella said that the truth is that it is the government itself that has the Dominican people on their knees, with more unemployment, insecurity and a rising cost of living, as reported in El Dia.

"There is not a lack of money here. There are too many corrupt people, we have to eradicate that cancer and invest the money well and stop the wastefulness that there is in government. Most of the politicians have taken too much from the country and served very little," said Estrella.

He added that if the government does not begin the installation of new coal or natural gas plants in 2016 when the Madrid Accord electricity generation agreements expire, the country will be forced to sign contracts with the generators under the conditions they impose, which will mean more increases in the cost of power for consumers. He said that if the government had put Cogentrix to work using natural gas, the CDEEE would be receiving savings of US$35 million, more than it has obtained from the two recent power tariff increases. He said the failure to take that decision on time is making the people pay more for electricity.


Four subordinates test Dominican leader's authority

Two heated public disputes pitting top officials and even the Chief of Police again reveal president Leonel Fernandez’s lack of muzzle over his subordinates, a weakness that has marked his three terms in office.

On Wednesday National Police chief Jose Armando Polanco said he’ll “obey” Fernandez’s decision on which agency directs criminal investigations and that he’ll no longer debate the issue, after weeks of dispute with Justice minister Radhamés Jimenez, who insists that it’s the Justice Ministry’s Technical Police’s responsibility.

“What the president says is what we’re going to do. We are obedient of the measures the president takes and therefore, we are not going to debate that,” he said.

Interviewed by newspaper Caribe on Tuesday, Jimenez said it will be the Justice Ministry, not the National Police, which will head the investigation “completely” through a new entity.

The row began after Fernandez submitted to Congress two amendments to the Justice Ministry Statutory Law, via which the new entity would be eliminated and the Police would continue directing the criminal investigations.

“Dominicans on their knees”

The second brouhaha pits State-owned Reservas bank administrator Vicente Bengoa and Economy minister Temistocles Montas, on the former’s affirmation that the IMF has “put Dominican Republic on its knees, and the latter’s retort that “the IMF doesn’t go to any country uninvited.”

Yesterday Bengoa again stoked the flap by affirming that the government didn’t go to the IMF) voluntarily and that “we went to the IMF because we were placed between the sword and the wall.”

Although he didn’t mention Montas by name, Bengoa said the official who responded to his statement on the country’s relation with the IMF “has done it because he repeatedly dances in parties to which hadn’t been invited to. That type official permanently puts the government in difficulties, opining on issues and situations they don’t dominate and without having faculty for it.”

Fired officials

Despite Fernandez's distaste for firing controversial officials, two cases stand out during his almost 12 years in office: As National District prosecutor, Guillermo Moreno was fired for a sustained row with the then Legal Adviser to the Presidency, and then Armed Forces Minister Lt. General Juan Bautista Rojas Tabar, for publicly arguing over the investigation into the disappearance of professor Narciso Gonzalez (Narcizaso).


Tiny lot reveals big government scadal

The Dominican Anticorruption Alliance (Adocco) and the civic movement Citizen Participation (PC) asked the legislators to be transparent regarding the value of the State-owned land involved in the contract to sell to the TV company Radio HIN (Rahintel), now set at RD$471,493, located lands in Centro de los Heroes, in downtown Santo Domingo.

Adocco coordinator Julio Cesar de la Rosa and PC spokesman Javier Cabreja said the most recent scandal is of concern because the people involved are linked to the government, and demanded transparency in the negotiations.

The government agency National Assets submitted the contract to sell the lot of 1,689 square meters to the Senate, with a special power issued by president Leonel Fernandez.

According to area realty agents, the lot is worth at least RD$67,560,000, based on a value of RD$40,000 per square meter.


Feisty ruling party senator again slams unlawful government measures

Controversial ruling PLD party senator Wilton Guerrero yesterday called the assigning of contracts by Government agencies without a call for tenders, “a shame.”

The legislator, interviewed prior to Wednesday’s session, called on president Leonel Fernandez to place more attention on the actions of his officials.

The Peravia province (south) representative also criticized the Dominican Port Authority, for assigning Manzanillo Port to north region business leaders without any repayment, a measure he affirms violates a 2004 presidential decree.


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