Drugs floating all over the Dominican Republic (UPDATE)
DominicanToday.com - The National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) arrested two brothers wanted in the United States on at least by at least 12 drug trafficking charges together with other Dominicans for allegedly distributing heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines in New York and adjacent cities.

Moca natives Argely and Kelvins Breton were arrested in the Espaillat province community Monte la Jagua, on a Supreme Court warrant issued October, 2011.

The DNCD calls them key members of a network which operated from October 2007 to January 2001 in East New York and nearby zones, together with Ricardo Almonte, Jose Cruz (El Socio) and Jeremy Garcia (El Gordo and/or JJ)

The extraditables, also known as ‘EL Artista' and `El Perrero' were allegedly associated with Emilio Lara (El Disparate), and Enmanuel Polanco (Manuel) in the distribution of various amounts of drugs until their arrest by the federal authorities, while the others managed to escape.

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About DR Drugs: Puerto Rico agents seize 33Ks of drugs on ship left Dominican port

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized last night two gym bags with of cocaine and heroin inside a container arriving from the Dominican Republic. 

During inbound inspection of containers on board M/V Maesk Tarragona arriving from Caucedo, Dominican Republic, a container was randomly selected for inspection. 

When the container was opened inside were two small gym bags containing 25 bricks of what field tested positive for cocaine and 13 bricks of what field tested positive for heroin.  Total weight of the cocaine was 28 kilos (61.73 pounds) and the heroin weighed 5.53 kilos (12.19 pounds).

The estimated street value of the seized narcotics is US$1.26 million.

The custody of the duffle bag and the narcotics was transferred to ICE Homeland Security Investigations for further investigation.


About DR Drugs: Spanish agents nab 708Ks of cocaine from Dominican Republic

Spanish agents seized 708 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container full of coconuts from Dominican Republic after its arrival at Barcelona Port on Friday, revealed Harbor Security chief Alejandro Anelho, quoted by Efe.

The Spanish Civil Guard official said the haul, among the agency’s biggest drug busts, was made on March 12 during an internal traffic check of a truck as it was about to exit the port.

He said police haven’t made any arrests thus far because the traffickers hid the cocaine in the container unbeknownst to the shipping company.

The Civil Guard added that the shipment originated in the Dominican Republic, from where another load of nearly 1,000 kilos of cocaine were seized last year at Barcelona port, aboard a freighter from Brazil.


Lawyer arrested for changing files

The National Drug Control Department (DNCD), and a deputy prosecutor in Moca, arrested lawyer Sandra Maribel Furcal Guzman, 34, who represented an alleged drug distributor in the middle of the Palace of Justice on charges that she had altered information in a folder containing the case against her client. According to El Nuevo Diario, Furcal Guzman was charged with changing the dates of the arrest warrant and the search of a vehicle belonging to Johann Manuel Herrera Blanco. According to the indictment, Furcal Guzman asked the secretary of the Court for Permanent Attention for the files on the case and attempted to alter the dates so that the search of the vehicle would have been recorded as taking place after the 48-hour period allowed by the law, making the evidence found inadmissible.


Puerto Rico agents seize 150 packages of cocaine sent from Samaná

Puerto Rico federal agents seized 150 packages of cocaine early Friday shortly after offloading at the coast in El Dorado township sent from Samaná by an ring of alleged Dominican traffickers.

The DNCD said the ring was headed by ex convict Sotero Batista Payano, who was arrested once arriving at Luis Muñoz Marin Airport on information it provided to the Fast Action Force and the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

It said three people were arrested in the operation in addition to Batista. “The DNCD coordinated the case with the DEA to seize the drug the same as in other cases in the last few months, which are part  the joint work by the agencies to fight international drug trafficking.”

The DNCD said the detainees are linked bound to the suspects in the case  of 46 kilos and RD$2.7 million seized in a pickup truck torched on the Eastern Highway last month, adding that Batista flew to Puerto Rico aboard American Eagle flight AE-4823.


Spain nabs 4 Dominicans in US$17M money laundering bust

Spanish Police busted a call center in Madrid which allegedly laundered more than US$17 million for Colombia drug traffickers since 2008 and detained its two former and two current owners, all of them Dominican nationals, Efe reports.

The authorities said to launder the money the suspects forged documents and stole identities from at least 15 legitimate clients who provided their passport to send money to their countries of origin.

Investigators said of the more than 20,000 remittances analyzed since mid 2011, 12,000 were used for laundering, arousing suspicion for being sent to Colombia by clients of different nationalities, in amounts much higher than normal and without apparent family links between remitters and beneficiaries.


Dominican Watchdog Note | I'm tired of repeating myself - read for yourself on President Leonel's website why DR is so full of drugs!! PLD say one thing and do another, it's clear that today Dominican Republic is one of the most important transport points for drugs from Columbia. Police and government has been on the take ever since Leonel came to power.

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