Dominicans suck millions out of U.S. seniors
Elderly women avoid phone scam attempts

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Elderly women avoid phone scam attempts

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Elderly women avoid phone scam attempts

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Elderly woman loses $3,500 to a phone scam

If you get a call from a loved one in trouble, it's a good bet you'd do anything to help. One elderly Bay Area woman was absolutely sure she was helping out a favorite nephew, but it was really a swindle that cost her a bundle.

7 On Your Side reported about these scams many times, but the predators are out there in force, especially during the holidays. This woman came to me after she fell for a scam and lost a big chunk of her retirement.

The phone call came out of the blue, and when she answered, Beverly Joe heard a frightened voice.

"My nephew said, 'I wasn't drunk, but they threw us all three of us into the pokey and they want $3,500 bail,'" said Joe.

The man on the phone said he was Joe's nephew, attending a wedding in the Dominican Republic with two friends, when they got into a car crash and were tossed in jail.

"I said, 'You sound funny Jeffrey, why do you sound like that?' He said, 'It's because my nose is broken from the car crash,'" said Joe.

The man pleaded with Joe not to tell anyone what happened, but could she please wire him $3,500 for his bail.

"He didn't want his parents to know, so I could understand that," said Joe.

She is in her 80s and getting around is difficult, but she got a friend to drive her to the bank, then wired $3,500 to the Dominican Republic.

"Then he called me back. My nephew said, 'Did you send the money?' I said, 'Yes, you should get pretty soon, any minute now,' and he thanked me and thanked me and he says, 'Oh, I love you so much,'" said Joe.

The next day, there was another frantic call. The man said he needed more cash, this time to pay the hospital.

"I said, 'Ohhhh, again?' I said, 'Jeffrey, you know my health's not great and I have to run around like this,'" said Joe.

But she did. Joe got to the bank and wired another $3,300 to the caller. This time, however, Western Union smelled a scam. It blocked the transaction and gave Beverly her $3,300 back.

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Nov 21, 2011 - Another phone scam!!

Jenny Lawless, an employee of Giant Food Store on West Union Boulevard in Bethlehem, assists customer Frank Becker Wednesday. Weeks earlier, she refused to wire money for a senior citizen because she knew he was being conned...... here goes the story:

"Grandpa," a voice cried as the 84-year-old Bethlehem man picked up the phone.

The man could barely understand the youth through his sobs. He was arrested for drug possession in the Dominican Republic, he said. He needed help, and money.

"He's crying and calling me 'Grandpa,' " The man recalled weeks after getting the disturbing call. "And he's in trouble and makes me promise not to tell anyone. He said he'd make it up to me."

The next voice he heard was of a man claiming to work for the U.S. Embassy and requesting bail for the grandson in the amount of $3,500. Worried but suspicious, the man called his grandson at New York University but got no answer.....

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Dominican grandparent scam steals US$ 8400 from U.S. Woman


Claudia Beach, 79, said it started with a phone call from someone who claims to be a relative.

Beach wired the money to a so-called lawyer using the name Angel Rosario. The Dominican Police is doing nothing to find these scammers........

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Victim after victim, day after day, and the Dominican police is doing nothing to arrest the swindlers!

Dominican Watchdog Note: Finally Western Union in the United States is taking some inhouse action agianst this problem. The Dominican police has done absolutely nothing in the thousands of cases during the last couple of years. I have not heard of a single Domincian arrested in the DR for receiving money from these scams. I guess its safer than selling drugs!


If you think you're being scammed, call the state's senior abuse hotline: 1-800-490-8505 or National Adult Protective Services: 888-303-3297

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