Dominicans say their president is region’s worst - The presidents of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, and of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, topped the ratings in Central America and Dominican Republic, while the Dominican Leonel Fernandez and the Honduran Porfirio Lobo bring up the rear, said a regional survey published yesterday in San José.


The company CID Gallup said a poll conducted in June found that Fernandez scored a minus 33, because 63% of the citizens disapprove of his job performance, compared with a 30% approval. “This result casts a shadow on the already adverse panorama or for an eventual possibility of reelection or continuity of the ruling party.”

“Dominicans perceive the poverty, crime and corruption that their president hasn’t been able to solve,” said CID Gallup.

The second worse is the Honduran Porfirio Wolf, with 45% approval to 44% who disapprove of his performance.

In the middle of the list figures Costa Rican president Laura Chinchilla, with 46% in favor and 40% against; Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega with 42% who approve and 37% who disapprove, while the Guatemalan Alvaro Colom scored 49% in favor and 45% against.

CID Gallup said the survey conducted in June polled 1,200 people across the country.


Top Dominican politicos trade 'who’s most corrupt' labels

The ruling PLD party’s General Secretary on Wednesday dared opposition presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía to file charges against those government official he considers corrupt, the latest salvo in a war of corruption accusations from both major parties.

Reinaldo Pared, who’s also the president of the Senate accused Mejía “of trying to put everybody in the same sack,” while reminding the ex chief executive that he doesn’t have to wait and become President to file charges against any official he considers has committed a crime. “He doesn’t have to wait to be president, if he feels that there’s corruption in this government, let him charge them.”

Pared called Mejía’s denunciation irresponsible, which in his view only seeks to gain the electorate’s affections: “He should be responsible by not complaining and say who the corrupt ones are.”

“If is true that Mejía is going to file any charges he should do so and identify them as of now. Is the candidate of the PRD qualified to speak of corruption? Pared asked the reporters, and responded: “totally is disqualified.”

For months Mejia has been pledging to “jail” the corrupt officials of the PLD, whose popularity, together with that of president Leonel Fernandez, has plummeted partly on the population’s perception of rampant corruption.


Dominican Watchdog Note: Many of them are corrupt, hundreds of articles on Dominican Watchdog over the past 2 years has clearly showed that, but they all "wash each other hands". The real problem is that the justice system is corrupt too so none of the corrupt political figures have gone to jail. The entire political system in the Dominican Republic is rotten, from the President and down. There is a general lack of respect for the poor part of the population and civilization is still 100 years behind in most parts of the Dominican Republic. The elite of the country has build themself a paradise inside Casa de Campo where they spend their weekends, so they will not have to live in the reality world of poverty they have created for the rest of the country! Shame on them!!


How did Leonel Fernandez make all his millions?

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