Dominicans don’t tackle major problems, Business Council warns  - National Business Council president Lisandro Macarrulla warned today that if Dominican society doesn’t deal with the problems of money laundering, education, jobs and the social exclusion in depth the social, political and economic stability will become untenable.

He said the current electoral process hasn’t been concentrated on debating those problems seriously nor in depth because almost none of the candidates have made notable proposals.

Macarrulla said the country must enforce the laws so the respect of institutionalism prevails. “We must all have the vocation to apply the laws. We have a quite complete legal framework, always susceptible to improvement.”

Interviewed on Antena Latin the CONEP president affirmed that despite that they’ve stated their position on money laundering, the business leaders’ concern didn’t get the expected response.

He said CONEP views money laundering as negative for formal businesses and how it moves some activities, and not just from drug trafficking, but also from other corrupt sources.

“Dominican society must immediately retackle this topic, Macarrulla said, we are living in superficially, making proposals without content and the Dominican electoral market and the own Dominican society regrettably don’t react when it’s presented with proposals of substance.”

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