Dominican women suffer “bone chilling” violence, 66 women killed in first 4 months - Violence against women is a stark reality in Dominican Republic, where 3 out  10 females have suffered its effects, said United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) resident coordinator Valerie Julliand on Tuesday.



Speaking to launch the Justice Ministry’s management model of care units for victims of gender, domestic and sexual violence the UN official also revealed that 80% of violence victims don’t seek institutional support. "Women die in their homes, in the place where they should normally be protected they die at the hands of their partners."

She called the statistics “bone chilling” showing that 90% of the sexual abuse cases investigated for comprehensive care units for victims of violence are against children and adolescents, actions in which adults are involved.

The study reveals that women or girls who’ve experienced some type of violence are more than twice as likely to become infected with HIV, and in Julliand’s view reflect the country’s reality. "The United Nations system has raised its concern over this grave issue several times and is committed to support, to seek the total elimination of this problem."


Seven fewer, but violent deaths claim 66 women in first 4 months

During the first four months this year 66 women died from domestic violence, seven cases fewer than the same 2011 period, with 73.

 Of the 66, 35 were among couples, while the remaining 31 occurred during holdups, brawls, rapes, and accidents, as reported by the Justice Ministry’s Statistics Dept.

There were 18 violent deaths of women since January, 11in February, 18 in March and 19 in April. The report lists the most femicides in Santo Domingo province, with 18 cases, followed by Santiago with 7, San Cristobal with 5, and Puerto Plata and Sanchez Ramirez both with 4.

 During the same 2011 period, 20 femicides were reported in January, 24 in February, 13 in March and 16 in April. That year 230 women were killed in violent deaths.

Of those the report lists 200 were Dominican nationals, 25 Haitian, and one each were Cuban, German, Italian, Venezuelan and Swiss.


Police rescue 20 foreign women from brothels in Argentina

Law enforcement agents staged a series of raids on 35 brothels in Argentina's Cordoba province, rescuing 11 Dominican and nine Paraguayan women, police spokesmen said.

The raids took place on Saturday at brothels across Cordoba, where a new provincial law targeting people trafficking just took effect.

Officers also rescued 25 Argentine women and arrested 43 people for violating the new law in Cordoba, located about 800 kilometers (497 miles) from Buenos Aires, police spokesmen said.

The women were turned over to the Secretariat for the Prevention of People Trafficking.

More than 500 law enforcement agents took part in the raids, which resulted in the closing of 35 brothels in different parts of Cordoba.

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Dominican Prostitutes - Dominican Republic authorities are holding Nancy Josefina Matos Contreras in preventive custody accused of extorting US$14,238 from four women in exchange for work contracts in Beirut, Lebanon. Human rights organizations estimate in 70,000 the number of women becoming annual statistics as victims of trafficking and forced into prostitution upon arriving at their destination......


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