Dominican sues New York University for $1 billion!

A former NYU Public Safety Officer filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the university for retaliation and employment discrimination, last Wednesday.

Jose Ramirez took the first step in bringing a lawsuit against the university by filing a complaint for employment discrimination against NYU and four defendants. The defendants named in the suit are Sally Blount, former undergraduate dean of the Stern School of Business, Thomas J. Schindler, captain of the Department of Public Safety, Jules A. Martin, vice president of Global Security and Crisis Management and NYU President John Sexton.

Ramirez, who is Hispanic and from the Dominican Republic, alleged that the university created a hostile and abusive work environment because of his race and national origin. Ramirez also asserted that NYU retaliated against him because of two lawsuits he had previously filed against the university and a book he wrote that took a critical stance against NYU.

NYU spokesman John Beckman said Ramirez is a "serial filer" of complaints against the university.

"Like his prior lawsuits, which were unsuccessful, this one is also utterly baseless, and we expect it, like the others, to be dismissed in due course," Beckman said.

Of his prior two lawsuits, the first was settled confidentially before the trial. Ramirez alleged in the complaint that the retaliatory behavior of the university followed this settlement.

According to the complaint, NYU supposedly denied Ramirez bathroom breaks for long periods of time, verbally harassed him and subjected Ramirez to "increased surveillance." Ramirez also alleged that NYU placed him at undesirable posts, denied him overtime and did not allow him to attend trainings he was qualified for based on his race and national origin.

Ramirez's employment was terminated, according to the complaint, in August 2010 for audiotaping university officials while on the job, a practice prohibited by university policy.

Ramirez also said he believes the university fired him because he wrote a book about NYU Public Safety titled "The Pro Se: The Life of a Security Officer."

Beckman said the university does not discuss employees' work histories, but he said Ramirez was dismissed with cause after a series of disciplinary infractions.

Ramirez is seeking back pay from the time of his dismissal to the present, as well as compensation for an unpaid five-day suspension and a 21-day medical leave due to job-related stress. Ramirez is also requesting an additional $1 billion in compensation for emotional suffering and pain caused by NYU.

Ramirez has an arbitration hearing scheduled Nov. 4 about his dismissal from the university. Ramirez said he hopes to get his job back at this hearing.



Dominican Watchdog Note: If this fool was working as a secutiry guard in his home country he would receive a bowl of rice, 5 Dollars per day and NO medical cover! Lets just hope nobody hires him again! Wonder if anybody bought his book....

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