Dominican siblings arrested in U.S.- Dominican murder plot —  Believing their stepfather gave their mother HIV, a brother and sister allegedly hatched a plan to fly to the Dominican Republic and kill him, according to court records.

The siblings, Enrique Carvajal Jr., 25, of 40 Crystal St., Apt. 3, and Jeanne Carvajal, 24, of 45 Grand St., Apt. 121, allegedly told people they planned to kill their stepfather, a search warrant affidavit on file in Central District Court said.

Apparently the two said the stepfather gave their mother HIV. Their mother has terminal cancer and the children were afraid that once she died their stepfather would get the couple’s house in the Dominican Republic, Detective Francis X. Bartley wrote in the affidavit.

The mother paid for her children’s plane tickets and gave them cash for expenses, the detective wrote.

Originally the plan, according to detectives, was for Ms. Carvajal to fly to the Dominican Republic and try to kill her stepfather. The mother and stepfather are legally married in that country, authorities said.

But Ms. Carvajal realized she doesn’t get along with her stepfather and it would be hard for her to get close to him, court records said. The plan changed and it was allegedly decided Mr. Carvajal would meet with his stepfather.

Mr. Carvajal and the stepfather got along and the siblings thought Mr. Carvajal would have a better chance of getting him drunk, then slipping him some medication, the records said. The medication they planned to use would be their mother’s.

Mr. Carvajal had plans to shoot their stepfather once he was incapacitated, Detective Bartley wrote.

Police believe the purchases of airline tickets by the siblings show the change in plans. Ms. Carvajal bought her ticket first, and two days later Mr. Carvajal purchased an airline ticket.

“Investigators began to conduct surveillance of the two. Detectives traced the siblings’ airline ticket purchases and other actions,” Worcester police said in a news release. “Based on information obtained, investigators believed that the plan to murder the family member was intended to be carried out.”

The two were scheduled to board the flight Thursday at 10:15 p.m. Worcester detectives and state police corralled the siblings at Logan International Airport Thursday just over an hour before their flight. They were arrested on warrants alleging conspiracy to commit murder.

Mr. Carvajal and Ms. Carvajal were arraigned Friday in Central District Court on a single charge of conspiracy. The records show the crime is conspiracy to commit murder.

Both were held without bail until yesterday, when Judge Andrew M. D’Angelo allowed them to be released on electric monitoring devices. Home confinement was ordered for the siblings, but they will be allowed to leave their homes for court dates and medical appointments. They return to court July 2.
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