Dominican police officer fatally shot by colleague during dispute at cash machine
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Authorities in the Dominican Republic say a policeman has been shot to death by a fellow officer in apparent dispute over use of a cash machine on payday.



Preliminary police reports say Lt. Bernardo Montero is dead from a bullet allegedly fired by Sgt. Yuder de los Santo during a heated argument Tuesday at a bank ATM. The sergeant was wounded.

Some witnesses report that the dispute started when Montero bypassed a line of customers at Banreservas. That is a state bank where police, military and other public employees receive their wages.

Police Chief Jose Armando Polanco has ordered a special investigation to determine exactly what happened.


Dominican Watchdog Note: This sounds like a dumb ass B-movie, unfortunately it's the kind of police officers who are suppossed to handle law and order in the DR, no wonder 5000 of them was involved in crimes last year!! There is a serious lack of education and respect for other human beings in the Dominican Republic, but they have earned their 3rd world rank with pride!


Here is another wonderful story about the top of the Dominican police force, no wonder the rest of the force think they can do whatever they like. Reminds me about the saying "Monkey see, monkey do!!" Dominican police general shooting businessman at Tony Romas restaurant in Santo Domingo

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