Dominican police bust ring coerced women to Trinidad & Tobago brothels - The La Altagracia Province office of the prosecutor on Tuesday announced the arrest three alleged ringleaders of a human trafficking ring which recruited Dominican women to work with bogus employment contracts in Trinidad & Tobago, where they were then forced into prostitution.

Martin Ogando (Kinito) Daisy Mota (Daisy Mara) and Osiris Hernandez were detained for alleged trafficking, and for allegedly charging  RD$30,000 each on the promise of work earning US$1,500 per month as waitresses in Trinidad & Tobago.

Jonathan Baró, lead prosecutor of the Anti-Smuggling and Trafficking Dept., said the months-long investigation jointly with La Altagracia province prosecutor Lucas Perez determined that e women "were transported from the airport by as yet unknown person, which took them to a brothel, stripping them of all their identity papers and forcing them into prostitution."

Hernandez, deported by Trinidadian authorities and arrested by Dominican authorities on Saturday, allegedly taxied the women from apartments to the brothel where they were exploited.

DominicanToday further writes today: Top deputy maps Dominican girls’ path to prostitution

Chamber of Deputies president Abel Martinez on Tuesday revealed that mafias recruit young girls in neighborhoods with promises of work abroad, but in fact taken them to brothels in Haiti instead.

He said the situation occurs throughout the country, but mostly in the Cibao region (north), where women locate the girls and promise them a better life but enslave them as sex workers mostly in the neighboring country, where they’re kept sequestered.

He said the girls are taken across the border to Haiti and sometimes aboard makeshift boats called yolas to San Martin and other Caribbean islands, where they are sold to the highest bidder and forced into prostitution, and many of them lose their lives in the ordeal.

Martinez acknowledge that the country is still one of the leading countries in people trafficking,  and what’s worse, the lawmaker says, it’s used as a bridge to smuggle children, adolescents and women. "We must investigate if there are authorities involved at the border and other parts of the country, to accept bribes to let them pass, as there must necessarily be complicity with this mafia network that’s hurting our youth."

The deputy for Santiago said the parents don’t report most of the cases because they are also duped into thinking that they will improve economically, through their daughters. "Nor the victims when they are rescued, they are afraid to denounce their captors, because they are threatened with death and countless cases that occur in our neighborhoods and it’s a situation that we have to face."

Martinez noted the UN’s annual report o people trafficking for 2013 keeps the country at category 2, along with others in the region such as Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Argentina, which have also made "significant efforts" to eradicate the crime




SEX TOURISM - WATCH OUT, One the only reason left to visit the Dom Rep can end you up in jail - Those who use the services of prostitutes can be charged as accessories to pandering and face a sentence of 10-15 years in prison.... The Dominican Rep is the top exporter of prostitutes worldwide according to UN and 1000 prostitutes spook Sosua's tourism....


Prostitute stabs Canadian man 20 times in Dom Rep, American Woman killed in Bar


Holidays in Hell This Week - Like to be shipped home in a pine box, then Dominican Republic might be right for you!! This Canadian is pretty lucky, last week the American woman Sandra Valente was killed in Santo Domingo while her husbond was in the bathroom according to local media. She is tourist #25 to be killed in three years in Dominican Republic....


Dominican Republic has more brothels than schools, senior prelate says


TRUE WORDS SPOKEN, but was he including government offices? That is where most of this country's sellouts work - The problem is the lack of education !!!
Economist Pavel Isa recently said that the head of state Leonel Fernandez would leave a fundamentally negative legacy especially in terms of institutionalism. It's here all the problems began.....


SEX TOURISM - Dominican HIV and AIDS Patients Suffer From Drug Shortage


Watch out before picking up your next girlfriend and sex partner in DR!! The country faces a difficult situation with the international financial crisis which affects major donors in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Dominican Republic has more than 60,000 people living with HIV/AIDS, and only one-third receive medication......

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