Dominican officials say ex-official in Haiti plot
The justice minister in the Dominican Republic has accused a former military officer of involvement in an alleged plot to destabilize the government of neighboring Haiti.


Radhames Jimenez says retired army Col. Pedro Julio Goico has been caught on a recorded telephone conversation instructing a Haitian accomplice to help discredit Haiti President Michel Martelly, and ultimately force him from office. Jimenez declined to discuss a potential motive or to say whether he is pursuing criminal charges.

Jimenez disclosed the alleged plot at a news conference Thursday with Haitian Justice Minister Michel Brunache.

Goico was an aide to former Dominican President Hipolito Mejia. The former president on Friday denied the existence of any plot and called the allegations absurd.


Haiti: Martelly Charges Man with Plotting to Overthrow Him with Information

( - The government of Michel Martelly and the Dominican government have accused a man of plotting to overthrow President Martelly with information.

At a press conference, the Haitian and Dominican government officials said former Colonel Pedro Julio "Pepe" Goico "instructed a citizen of the neighboring country (Haiti), Pierre Kanski, to launch a campaign to discredit the figure of the Haitian president."

A conversation between Goico and Kanski was recorded by the governments' security officials and presented to the media. In the recording, Goico reacted to an investigative journalism program, by Nuria Piera. Goico referred to it as "the scandal of Martelly and the money he has taken as a gift and took the money being a candidate and took the money being president."

In front of journalists, more of the audio was played of the conversation between Goico and Kanski where Goico says "this is the time for this son of a bitch to fall and for me to grow my own discourse of anti-corruption."

Also in the recording, the voice of the caller, Goico, said your boss has become the political bastion of anti-corruption, "he has to become the example of anti-corruption policy."

The press conference was attended by the outgoing Minister of Justice Michel Brunache, the Dominican Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlos Morales Troncoso, Dominican Ambassador to Haiti Fritz Cineas, Dominican Attorney General Radhames Jimenez Pena and the Director of the Dominican Presidential Press, Rafael Nunez.

The officials characterize Goico's actions as a 'plot to destabilize the government of Michel Martelly, to overthrow his government and condemned such actions as those "of a criminal nature, conspiracy and seditious, threatening the peace, order and tranquility of the Haitian people."

It is important to note that no charges were made against the journalist Nuria Piera for her report which found that Haitian President Michel Martelly had accepted over $2.5 million [US] from a Dominican senator as a candidate and president of Haiti.

Listen to the conversation here


Dominican Watchdog Note | Take a look at the facts from wikipedia about Hipolito. You can kiss the DR goodbuy if he becomes president again. Last time the exchange rate to dollars was going up and down like a yo-yo, ending on 55 to the peso making it almost impossible for traders and shops to use pesos!!!


During Mejia's term as President the country's second largest privately-held commercial bank, Baninter, collapsed in a spectacular failure tied to long-standing political corruption.

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