Dominican model linked to Berlusconi says they're only friends(Update 2) – Maria Esther Garcia Polanco, the Dominican model romantically linked to Italian Prime Minister, pointed out their relationship is only as friends but declined to answer a direct question about an allegedly affair.




Interviewed by the radio program "Government of the Morning," transmitted on Z101, Garcia, 25, –born in Nagua– defined herself as a professional model who also moves in the television field. She's been living in Italy for nearly 15 years and is the mother of a five-year-old girl.

However, in an interview in La Repubblica newspaper, she was asked whether she had ever had sexual relations with Berlusconi and replied: "Yes, but never in exchange for money." She said he was "generous and kind."

Garcia admitted to have attended "five or six" parties at Berlusconi's estate at Arcore, outside Milan, but denied that the soirees degenerated into "orgies."

Asked to confirm reports that Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, was at the villa one weekend in April when Berlusconi allegedly hosted one of his now notorious "bunga bunga" parties, she said: "I don't know, I don't follow politics."

Garcia Polanco was among a group of women who were allegedly installed in rent-free accommodation by Berlusconi in an apartment complex on the outskirts of Milan. They were served with eviction notices this week after neighbours complained that their involvement in the prostitution probe had given the area a bad reputation.


Update Januar 26, 2011

Dominican Amiga of Berlusconi Speaks Out: Had Sex as a Way of Saying Gracias

25-year old Maria Esther Garcia Polanco involved in the sex scandal surrounding Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told La Republica newspaper on Saturday that she did have sex with the 74-year old PM and did so just to thank him for paying her five-year old daughter’s medical bills.

She denies doing this for money. She says he also helped her find work as a television showgirl on a program called “The Hot Chick and the Dork”. She says she thanked him with sex also for this.

Maria Esther Garcia Polanco is one of 14 women, the so-called “bunga bunga girls”, who were reportedly kept in rent-free accommodation by Berlusconi in an apartment complex, Villa San Martino, on the outskirts of Milan in exchange for striptease and sex services.

Polanco along with the other ‘bunga bunga girls’ were recently served with eviction papers for ‘disturubing the peace’ and ‘lower[ing] the tone’ of the Milano district where the apartments are situated.  They have eight days to leave.


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