Dominican lawmaker accused of rape is a human trafficking convict - New information on the opposition PRD party deputy Julio Romero, what was charged on Monday for failing to provide child support and whom several young women allege the lawmaker seduced them when they were adolescents, had been convicted of people trafficking in 1996.

Former Immigration Agency director Taína Gautreau on Thursday revealed that Romero was charged with trafficking undocumented people to the United States, and that he even operated a “clandestine consulate” in his residence.

She said the lawmaker had a false floor in his residence where “hundreds” of bogus documents were found and that that he was so efficient at forgery that the U.S. had to change the security coding in its visas. “His wife tried to stop the investigation by taking aside an official to try to “convince him” to abandon the search.”

The ex official said the Santo Domingo province representative, in addition to operating a “large clandestine consulate” in his residence, was also one of the major organizers of boatpeople traffic through the Eastern Zone. “He even deceived youngsters by offering them dreams of travel.

In a telephone interviewed by Huchi Lora on CDN-Radio, Gautreau also revealed in that occasion Romero threatened to kill her with an Uzi machine gun he carried then. “He warned me that anything that happened to him, I would be the person responsible. When he saw somebody of the PLD (party), he brandished the weapon and told them that it was to kill to me.”

The official affirmed that Romero’s residence was searched with an infrared camera and travel documents were seized, hidden in a false floor. “That person was the condemned and incarcerate, but I don’t know how he managed to leave prison.”

As to the allegation by two women that they were raped by the legislator, Gautreau said that type of person deserves to be castrated, to stop them from continuing committing those crimes.

She warned Dominican women to be on the alert, because it’s not possible for a man, because he’s a legislator, to commit crimes such as those. “Hopefully in this country could exist, if not capital punishment, at least castration for that type of individual.”

Romero is accused of seducing a minor, who said she was taken to a motel in the Eastern Zone, from which she a son, which the congressman has yet to recognize.

Other women

In the program of the journalist Alicia Ortega, several young women alleged having been seduced by the Romero during their adolescence, although he has denied having taking part in any type of imprudence and alleges harassment,.

In the regard, the lawmaker yesterday said the PRD will assume his legal defense

Other people traffickers

Yet another opposition PRD party deputy, for central La Vega province, Radhamés Ramos “El Chino,” was convicted of people trafficking, a criminal situation which didn’t impede his political organization from approving he reelection bid, or getting the votes from his constituents.

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