Dominican journalist’s alleged killer is also wanted in Puerto Rico
Dominican journalist’s alleged killer is also wanted in Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico authorities notified Dominican pars that the fugitive Avelino Castro Garcia, wanted in the death of the journalist Wild Silvestre, has two cases pending in the island, one for drug trafficking and the other for identity theft.

The Justice Ministry’s Anti-laundering Unit director Daniel German Miranda on Friday said Puerto Rico authorities requested cooperation to apprehend Castro, who had escaped from a jail there. “What we have that’s new on Avelino (Castro) is that he had a process in Puerto Rico for drug trafficking and another for identity theft, that is to say that he had another name in Puerto Rico.”

The official added that just as in Puerto Rico the accused is wanted in the country for homicide and money laundering. “We have the documents sent by the Puerto Rico authorities, his fake name, besides what we have here, he has a third there.


Group defends embattled journalist Nuria Piera

The movement Citizens for Democracy urged Dominicans to rally behind the journalist Nuria Piera, who’s the target of an alleged government smear campaign, she since she began reporting on ruling party senator Felix Bautista’s allegedly corrupt actions.

In a statement, Citizens for Democracy say the pressure brought to bear on Piera and the alleged police persecution of her sources are among the worst forms of censorship of the press and repression against journalistic criticism.

"Not satisfied with having perverted the journalistic exercise to unsuspected levels through direct payment or inclusion of hundreds of journalists on payrolls nationwide, the PLD government of Leonel Fernandez and its officials daily make use of power to obtain by other routes, including blackmail against media owners, and silence those whom they haven’t been able to buy," the movement said.

The group however, didn’t provide the names of its directors or officers in the statement to the media.


Dominican Watchdog Note | It's clear that press freedom in the Dominican Republic is not existing when local journalists are covering stories about the drug dealers and corrupt government. President Leonel has managed in a few years managed to turn the DR into a Banana Republic in order to hide the truth about high level crimes and corruption. Read about all the attacks on Dominican journalists from Why didn't Citizens for Democracy provide names and addresses? because Leonel's government will ask his corrupt security police to track them down to stop any movement for press freedom in the Dominican Republic, it's that simple!! It doesn't matter what Leonel says, it never has, because he states one thing in the media and do the complete opposite to protect special interest groups in his government.

Visit our special website about Leonel, we will keep tracking him long after he leaves office to report on how he spends all the millions of dollars he made on behalf of the Dominican people - And we will forsure track his wife too!!

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