Dominican fugitive “the Monster” extradited to North Carolina - The antinarcotics agency (DNCD) Monday announced the extradition to the United States of a Dominican wanted on charges of money laundering and drug trafficking in North Carolina.

Francisco Monte de los Santos, “El Monstruo” (monster) was escorted to Las Americas Airport (AILA), from where U.S. federal agents placed him aboard a special flight, the DNCD said.

Monte, who had been hiding in the country for several years, was arrested November 10, and held in the DNCD compound since, said spokesman Roberto Lebrón, who added that the Supreme Court authorized the extradition.

He was arrested while driving a vehicle on the Las Americas highway, next to the toll plaza. No details on the amount of the drugs or of the money laundered were provided.


Other extradition story:

Extraditable’s “hat tricks” must stop, Prosecutor says

Justice minister Radhames Jimenez Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to put an end “to the vicious circle and hat tricks” employed by the extraditable alleged drug baron Ramon del Rosario Puente “Toño Leña,” and which has delayed his extradition request proceedings an entire year.

Jiménez said there’s a weakness in procedural term, stressing that throughout the year, the Justice Ministry has kept all legal requirements ij the case updated, and that the Supreme Court has given del Rosario all the opportunities for legitimate defense. He said despite the repeated postponements, “there’s nothing which can be possibly attributed to the honorable justices,” Hugo Alvarez, Edgar Hernandez and Victor Jose Castellanos.

The hearings resume at 11pm today after 10 postponements, for the accused also known as “El Maestro” and “El Frances"


Information from Columbia that will put the problems in perspective:


Colombia Says 14 Drug Suspects Captured

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Colombian officials say they have captured 14 members of a major drug gang who are wanted in the United States.

National Police Director Oscar Naranjo says the 14 work in the gang led by Daniel Barrera, who is one of the country’s most wanted drug trafficking suspects. They were detained over the weekend in Bogota, Barranquilla and Cartagena.

Gen. Naranjo says group was using small planes to ship about 1.5 tons of cocaine a week to the Dominican Republic and Honduras en route to the United States. He says the 14 face drug trafficking charges before a U.S. federal court in Virginia and that U.S. drug agents provided intelligence that helped in their capture.

Barrera is known by the nickname “Loco.” He remains at large.




And President Leonel Fernandez know nothing about the drug lords in his country? Watch this video - He is seen together with most of them!

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