Dominican court ruling devastates Canadian family - A Canadian family is devastated to learn its fight for justice in their son’s death was for nothing!

In court in the Dominican Republic Friday, Barrie’s Carrie McGinnis and Dale Morrison learned the man convicted of killing their son, Jordan, would be out of jail in a matter of months.

“Dale and I broke down when the judges were speaking. We couldn’t even look at them,” McGinnis said.

“You’re sitting there hearing it, but you’re not taking it all in. We haven’t even had time to digest it.”

Montreal’s Dimytro Aref Yev was sentenced to 10 years in jail in connection with Jordan’s death and has been behind bars in the Dominican for close to three years.

While on a family vacation, Jordan, 19, stepped in to help a woman who was getting picked on by a group of men at a Punta Cana dance club Feb. 4, 2011.

The group turned on him, punching and kicking him.

Five Canadian men were questioned about their involvement in the fight, but only two were charged with first-degree murder.

The other accused man, Bouzid Redha, was acquitted, and never returned to court for a new trial.

Aref Yev appealed his sentence and won, with a three-judge panel ruling he should only get three years in jail for the crime, including time served.

McGinnis said the judicial panel tore apart the original autopsy, the police report, and said her side didn’t have enough evidence.

“I tried to explain we gave it to the initial lawyer, but he didn’t hand it in,” McGinnis said.

She said even though in November she was promised Dominican police would put out a renewed request for witnesses, it never happened.

“We feel the decision was already made and I tried to express to them we were misrepresented from the beginning, because none of our evidence had been submitted.

“We paid $16,000 since last year for this new lawyer and what did we get out of it? Nothing.”

She still sees flashes of Aref Yev smiling as the judges announced their decision.

Through her experience, which has included 18 trips to and from the island nation, McGinnis is hoping to one day make improvements to the Canadian legal system to help other families dealing with a foreign justice system.

“Here in Canada, the system would’ve taken over for us, but we’ve paid, paid, paid. The justice department pays for our flights and accommodations, but all the legal part has come out of our pockets,” McGinnis said.

She said her family now plans to take a few steps back to grieve Jordan and accept closure.

“We’re relieved we don’t have to talk about it and fly there again,” she said.

But with the family feeling Jordan’s spirit is still in the Dominican, heading home was difficult.


“This is like the final touch with our son.”      


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