Dominican cops were hired to kill journalist, many more on the list(Update) - The contract hit against the lawyer and journalist Jordi Veras was planned from a cell in Santiago’s Rafey prison by the millionaire Adriano Roman, who paid former and active policemen, and cellmates to carry out the murder.


The shocking revelation came in a Tuesday press conference, where  the others linked to the attempted murder were identified as Francisco Alberto Carela (Frank Castro), who is also accused of heading a ring that has blackmailed couples with videos secretly recorded in motels.

In addition to the ex policeman Francisco Alberto Carela, ex first lieutenant Roberto Zabala ex- sergeant Candy Caminero and the master sergeant Arturo J. Ferreras (Moreno) are also involved in the alleged plot, as well as the inmates Franklin Reynoso Moronta and Francisco Alberto’s brother Engels Carela.

The gunmen asked Roman for RD$2.5 million to kill Veras, which the former business leader considered high, so they agreed on RD$1.5 million.

An extensive report by Justice minister Radhamés Jiménez, National Police chief Jose A. Polanco and Santiago prosecutor Jenny Berenice Reynoso reveals that Francisco Carela Castro, Zabala, Caminero and Ferreras were the ones who despite shooting Veras several times, couldn’t fulfill their part of the “contract.”

Moreover Navy lieutenant Mario Bretón was accused of being the middleman to extort RD$ 3.0 million from Jordi Veras’ father Negro, who immediately contacted the authorities of Santiago.

Many more on the "for hire" killers list:

Dominican personalities on hired killers’ list, Listin reports

Police investigators found in possession of an alleged ring of hired killers a list with the names of important national personalities and government officials committed to the war on drugs.

“We are trying to determine why this group of assassins has the names of those people written down,” said a source close to the investigation quoted by

The Police have yet to reveal the names of the people on the list found in a house in North Santo Domingo, where the ring apparently operated from and linked to several crimes and assaults.

Last weekend a police patrol killed two alleged hired killers.

“We cannot discard anything because the guns, documents and other properties seized in different places point to that this was a very dangerous group and had important links with organized crime,” the source said, adding that in has the names of people who frequently criticize drug trafficking and its impunity.

The group has yet to be accused in any of the several execution style murders involving hired killers, including that of the engineer Rafael Humberto Perez and his son Victor Perez, in separate dates in the parking lot of their condo in the upscale sector Naco, and Bulgarian engineer Constantine Alexander.

In the last few months several murders in plain sight blamed on hired killers have been carried out with professionalism and using high caliber weapons, but investigators have yet to reveal the result of the probes.

Both alleged members of the ring were killed Saturday night in North Santo Domingo by agents of the Police’s Criminal Intelligence Unit in an alleged shootout on Kennedy avenue, in the capital.


Update FEB 08, 2011

Dominican Republic Police officers charged in major purge - Police chief Jose A. Polanco yesterday announced charges against majors José Euri Ubri, Cristino Batista, the lieutenants Ricardo Perez Mateo and Fernanda Julieta Garcia as well as sergeant Helpis Ransses Reyes for allegedly plotting to murder Santiago journalist and lawyer Jordi Veras early last year.

The announced charges are also linked to the murder of Police lieutenant colonel Virgilio Casilla Minaya two weeks ago, in which Batista also allegedly took part.

Whereas Justice minister Radhamés Jiménez announced that he will request the files of 46 dishonorably discharged agents, for possible charges for their alleged role in various crimes, while National District prosecutor Alejandro Moscoso said the police and military implicated in crimes must be not only discharged, but also taken to court.

Police investigators say that major Batista, Ubri, Perez Mateo and Reyes were associates of Francisco Carela, alleged head of a ring of hired killers, and provided Cristóbal de la Cruz and Simon Bolivar Estévez (David) the password assigned to the major, with which they obtained Veras’ personal data in the agency Data Credito.

Polanco said lieutenant Garcia had an intimate relationship with Police official Roberto Zabala, with whom she communicated regarding the attack on the lawyer and journalist.

He added that for years sergeant Ada Francisca Lugo Gomez had passed on information to Carela for his illicit operations, even visiting him where he had been detained.


Dominican Watchdog Note:

Don't expect that the police officers involved will go to jail. Again the investigation was stopped before it reached the level of Generals. Recently the Justice minister promised us the names of the buyers in Torre Atiemar(The Cocaine Tower). Nothing happened except that Police General Fermin was retired as he was one of the owners in this project proclaimed by President Leonel to be a model for investments in the DR and financed by the National Bank!

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