Dominican child workers vs. SOS Children and other helping organizations

Business Leaders Support a $2 Million Capital Campaign to Help Poor Children in the Dominican Republic

Read more here: / Kansas City -- Poor children in the Dominican Republic will now have a chance at a better life through Children International, a U.S.-based humanitarian organization, thanks to businessman Larry Phelan.

The Philadelphia attorney funded the newly inaugurated signature community center that will serve 5,000 children in the slum of La Caleta near Santo Domingo. The center will provide children access to medical and dental care, education support, and nutritional programs.

Mr. Phelan was inspired to work with Children International by his friend Dan Phelan, who funded another center in the Dominican Republic.  Much like Dan's facility, the Larry T. Phelan Community Center is state-of-the-art, with a medical clinic, dental clinic, pharmacy, library, playground, computer lab and a sports complex.

Both Larry's and Dan's contributions are part of a more than $2 million capital campaign to build and renovate Children International's signature community centers in the Dominican Republic. The campaign is providing over 31,000 children with an oasis in a desert of poverty.

As an avid sports enthusiast, Larry Phelan recognized the value of sports in the development of a child's self-esteem, confidence and discipline. As a result, Phelan felt compelled to build soccer and baseball fields to provide children and youth a safe place to gather and play.

Children International president and CEO Jim Cook said, "We are incredibly grateful to Larry for his generosity and passion for lifting children from poverty. We are especially thankful for the sports complex he built to benefit our youth. He is a true advocate for needy children."


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A child sponsorship report from Los Mina in Dominican Republic.

Dear friend,

Receive a warm greeting from the SOS Children’s Village of Los Mina. On this occasion I would like to share with you about the events we’ve had in the programme during the first half of this year.

We started the 2011 with the firm intention to continue our work on behalf of the children of our fostering and family strengthening programmes.

2010 was a year of many achievements in which we impacted lives positively. We contributed to provide a home to children that lost parental and family care, equally contributed in providing tools to vulnerable families to prevent child abandonment, giving the parents trainings and preparation to handle their families as well as possible with a good use of resources.

During these early months of the year we welcomed six children in the Village who have integrated positively to the SOS family model thanks to the good reception given by the children in their respective homes and thanks to the work done by the SOS mothers who everyday with love and dedication overflow in care to the children.

In the same order, five of the young people concluded the process of preparation and passed to the youth communities, where they will be aimed towards the self sufficient live. At the youth communities the young people are accompanied by the youth leader and will have the follow up of the technical team who will provide proper guidance in the academic, vocational and everything that has to do with their personal development.

As the summer holidays approach, we are planning a summer camp for the children, where they will participate of sports, drama courses, film projections and crafts. The children are thrilled with the idea of all the activities they will be participating of.

This year we will celebrate the 31st Anniversary of SOS Children’s Village in the country and for the occasion we will have an open door activity where the SOS Community will strengthen ties with the surrounding communities. For the party we’ll have different activities such as crafts sale (handmade by the children), dance groups, film screenings, and poetry recital. There will be also, music, food and refreshments. The SOS Mothers are very excited about this project and even formed a committee which delineated the roles of each person that will make its contribution to realizing this project.

We continue impacting the community through the family strengthening programme, we now have 184 children as direct beneficiaries, these children represent 135 families. Children whose parents now have a better opportunity of entering the labor market and providing their families with a better quality of life, but above all, fulfilling our greater purpose which is to prevent child abandonment.
So far these are the news we have to share. Before saying good bye, I would like to thank you for your continued support to the work done by SOS Children’s Villages in Dominican Republic in providing a loving home for every child, a family and more opportunities, all this thanks to your kind cooperation.

Until a next time dear friend!!!!


SOS Children



A Personal Story, The truth about child workers in Dominican sugar plantations


When documentary photographer Robert Falcetti encountered Dominican sugar cane workers, many of them children, it triggered an instinct to help. “I saw in those children my own kids, and it struck me how different their lives were but how similar their needs are,” said Falcetti. The trip to the plantations wasn’t a planned event, but we came face-to-face with conditions that shouldn’t exist,”...... Join Robert's campaign on Facebook!



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