Dominican cabbie in New York carry Nazi armband on duty

Here's a first — a Dominican Nazi who drives a cab in New York and denies the existence of the Holocaust.

A clueless cabbie named Gabriel Diaz has been suspended for wearing a Nazi swastika armband while on duty — and he whines that his rights are being violated.

“If a Muslim can drive a cab wearing a turban, if a homosexual can walk around with a big rainbow flag, why can’t a person like me wear a Nazi armband?” an unrepentant Diaz said Friday after the city cracked down on him.

Diaz, 27, who believes the races should live with their own “kind” and doesn’t go in for that multiculturalism “stuff,” said he’s aware that as a Dominican he lacks the blond hair and blue eyes of the supposed Master Race.

But he doesn’t care.

“I know it’s very controversial that a non-white is wearing a Nazi armband,” he said. “Whoever said you had to be white to be a National Socialist?”

A cabbie since November 2011, Diaz got a slap on the wrist for wearing the swastika on his arm. He was cited for “acts against the best interest of the public” and won’t be allowed to pick up fares for 30 days, a city Taxi and Limousine Commission official confirmed.


Photos obtained by the agency show Diaz driving in Manhattan traffic with the swastika clearly visible on his left forearm.

Dressed in a cruddy T-shirt outside his Bronx home, Diaz told the Daily News the TLC infringed on his free speech.

“I’m going to wear it, but not while driving a cab because there’s a lot of crybabies out there in Manhattan, a lot of liberal crybabies, who cry every time they see a symbol of hate,” he sneered.

Then Diaz gleefully expounded on his warped worldview and appeared happy to have an audience.

“We believe in racial separation and racial segregation,” he said.

What about the fact that the Nazis murdered six million Jews?

“We’ve been told lies about Hitler,” Diaz insisted, adding that he developed his ideas about the Nazi leader from the Internet.

Asked directly about the Holocaust, the suspended cabbie sounded off his rocker.

“That is another subject,” Diaz said. “We’ve been told lies about everything.”

Diaz’s neighbors in the Throgs Neck section said they’d never heard of a Dominican Nazi before.

“I’m surprised because he's Dominican,” said a woman who identified herself as Nelly.

Earlier, Diaz’s exasperated brother admitted he was wearing his barbaric beliefs on his sleeve.


New York's Anti-Defamation League wrote a complaint to the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission and the TLC responded swiftly.ADLNew York's Anti-Defamation League wrote a complaint to the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission and the TLC responded swiftly.
Dominican Watchdog Note - Some might just call him a dumb Nigg@R -:)

“He took it too far,” Kevin Diaz told The News. “I’ve told him that he needs to keep his personal beliefs personal.”

The cabbie had some choice words for gays too.

“If I have to apologize, then a homosexual has to apologize for being a homosexual, for being open and gay,” he said.

Diaz’s father doesn’t agree with his son’s beliefs.

“He needs help!” a frustrated Juan Diaz yelled. “Forget all that he say.”

On his LinkedIn page, Gabriel Diaz lists his expertise as “acting,” “people skills” and “fast typer” and says he is a 2006 graduate of Cardinal Hayes High School in The Bronx, a respected Catholic school that requires all students to study the Holocaust

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