Dominican agents arrest 5 drug mules in 1 day, Top Warden jailed himself!

Welcome to "Little Mexico" a Paradise for Drugs & Money Laundering, All this below  happened in just under one week and is only the top of the iceberg!


( - Dominican anti-drug agents say they have arrested five foreign drug mules in a single day.

A spokesman for the National Drug Control Agency says the five suspects are from Puerto Rico, Spain and Ghana. They were arrested Sunday at the Caribbean country's airports.

Roberto Lebron alleged Monday that Puerto Rican couple Juan Carlos Cerezo Rivera and Erika Mutt Cintron had 194 capsules of cocaine taped to their bodies as they tried to board a flight to San Juan.

Lebron says two Spanish men were arrested separately when they allegedly tried to fly to Madrid with several kilograms of cocaine.

The final suspect was arrested as he tried to board a flight to Paris. The suspect from Ghana has allegedly expelled 60 capsules of cocaine he had swallowed.


Authorities eye drug link in notorious colonel’s murder - The authorities probe the possible links to drug trafficking in the death of the notorious retired coronel Ramon Henriquez (Moncho), gunned down Saturday night by two men on a motorcycle.

The crime characteristics and Henríquez’s relations with Winston Rizik, known as "El Gallero," leads investigators to suspect it’s part of a turf war by gangs.

The two gunmen fired a hail of bullets from a 9-mm submachine gun at the ex Police colonel as he and three other men were stopped in his SUV at the busy corner of 27 Febrero and Núñez de Cáceres avenues.

Henriquez was in the front seat in the passenger side and his driver was shot once, without a life-threatening injury. The two companions in the back seat were not hurt.

The attack which led to the death of the former head of the National Police’s Secret Service during the late Joaquín Balaguer’s repressive 12 years is under investigation, while the National Drug Control Agency probes several groups drug for possible implication to the case.

contract killers have targeted Risik several times but failed, including in 2010 when several gunshots hit the vehicle he was driving heading south on Churchill avenue.

Despite having a drug trafficking conviction in the United States, the Supreme Court of denied the request for extradition on February 25, 2009, and ordered the return of all the seized properties.

The justices inexplicably ruled for his release alleging that the prosecution process had concluded, despite Rizik’s admittance of being a fugitive.

On January 2010 six gunmen killed the civil engineer Wilson Amparo Luna, who mistook him for Rizik, after a drug dealer has allegedly put a price on his head.

Days later "El Gallero" was shot in the left shoulder while walking down Churchill avenue, an attack, similar to others against Rizik


Ex top warden to spend 3 months looking out

Former Prisons director Mario Acosta was transferred under tight security to Najayo prison yesterday, indicted on charges of accepting a more than RD$1.0 million bribe from alleged money launderer Pascual Cordero Martinez (El Chino), in exchange for favors.

The former official was escorted out of a Ciudad Nueva Courthouse cell where he was being held since last week, and taken to Najayo, where he’ll spend three months to await trial.

Althoug Santos insists he’s innocent, National District prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso had requested one year in jail to await trial.


Local awaits extradition for NYC murder, drug trafficking

The Justice Ministry yesterday confirmed that Orlando Rodríguez Pérez is being held in Najayo prison’s extradition block, charged with drug trafficking and murder in New York South District Court.

Extraditions deputy minister Gisela Cueto said Rodríguez belonged to a drug ring headed by his brother "Rodriguez Interprises," which distributed marijuana in New York, where authorities say they amassed a fortune of US$25.0 million.

Manuel Rodriguez is in a United States prison.

According to the extradition request, the two brothers stranded their victim in a park and buried the body, which police later found.


Police seize nearly 1.7 tons of cocaine in Dominican Republic


Dominican and U.S. drug enforcement agents seized 1.65 tons of cocaine that apparently arrived in the Dominican Republic from Colombia, officials said Wednesday.

The cocaine was aboard two speedboats that were intercepted by navy, air force, drug enforcement and U.S. Coast Guard units about 50 nautical miles south of Saona Island in the eastern Dominican Republic, the DNCD drug enforcement agency said in a statement.

The cocaine was in 60 bales containing about 25 bricks each, the DNCD said.

No arrests were made because the speedboats' crews threw the bales overboard and fled, navy Rear Adm. Edwin Dominici said.

The speedboats were detected as they approached the Dominican Republic's coast, prompting aircraft and other units taking part in "Operation Secure Coast" to respond.

The operation started around 10:00 p.m. Monday and ended on Tuesday night, DHCD chief Rolando Rosado Mateo said.

"It was a joint operation, which is highly important for the country in the war on drug trafficking," Rosado Mateo said.

The Dominican Republic is used as a transit country by transnational criminal organizations that smuggle cocaine and other drugs into the United States and Europe. EFE


Dominican Watchdog Note | This might sound of much, but it's nothing compared to what's going on unnoticed in the Dom Rep. All these drug activities were closely connected to top officials in Ex President Loenel Fernandez PLD government. Below are some of my favorite stories, but you can use the "Quick Search" to get many more - Enjoy reading and be careful if travling to the DR!!!! Read about the drug links to the President here


DEA says, Dominican Republic is a “warehouse” for US-bound drugs


U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Caribbean region director, Pedro Janer yesterday said, the drugs go through small Caribbean islands such as Tortola or Antigua, then Dominican Republic, which has become the warehouse for Puerto Rico. The official said the drug goes preferably to the United States east coast whose large populations of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans such as in New York, Florida and other cities make for much more fluid contacts.......



EXTREME TRAFFICKING: Cocaine Found In Dominican Plantains & 20 suit cases!


"Welcome to Little Mexico" - Seized cocaine-stuffed plantains were headed to New York. The bananas stuffed with 117 tubes of cocaine was found in a container in Las Americas International Airport. The drug was packed by a company identified as “Compañía Vegetales Santiago,” located in Moca. It said three people were detained for questioning...... In the other case of 20 suit cases to Belgium 15 police officers has been arrested!!.........



BIGSMOKE, second largest marijuana plantation in DR's history, 14.830 plants!


Welcome to "Little Mexico" - Authorities in the Dominican Republic say they have uncovered the second largest marijuana plantation in the country's history. Police says the three Mexicans found there were hired by an unidentified person to care for the plantation.......



Dirty Cops, 3 top Dominican Republic cops accused in drug case


Welcome to "Little Mexico" - Three high-ranking police officials in the Dominican Republic have been accused of providing security to drug traffickers. "It's a serious situation," said Tulio Castanos, vice president of the Institutional Justice Foundation, a non-governmental group that is helping the government design and implement police department reforms. "The people have lost faith in the police."......



Drugs floating all over the Dominican Republic (UPDATE)


Welcome to Little Mexico!! The National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) arrested two brothers wanted in the United States on at least by at least 12 drug trafficking charges together with other Dominicans for allegedly distributing heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines in New York and adjacent cities.......  Spanish agents seized 708 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container full of coconuts from Dominican Republic   Spain nabs 4 Dominicans in US$17M money laundering bust  !!



330 Pounds of Cocaine Smuggled in Ballet Shoes from Dom Rep


WELCOME TO LITTLE MEXICO - French police seized 330 pounds of cocaine hidden in ballet shoes in an eastern Paris apartment today. The drug was smuggled into France by citizens of the Dominican Republic......

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