Dominican admits guilt in U.S. driver's license scam
( — A Manchester man pleaded guilty yesterday to participating in a driver's license scam at the state Division of Motor Vehicles office in Salem, N.H..

Adalberto Medina, 40, admitted in Rockingham Superior Court that he conspired with others, including a DMV official, to sell fraudulent licenses.

Medina pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain to a count of conspiracy to commit bribery and two counts of bribery in official and political matters.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young recommended to Judge Tina Nadeau that Medina be sentenced to two to seven years on each of the three charges.

Medina, who has been free on bail, laughed and joked with his attorney, Charles Bookman, and interpreter Harry Figueroa before the hearing. He faces deportation to his native Dominican Republic after admitting his guilt.

Young was asked to slow down several times as she read the charges against Medina so his translator could fully explain the allegations to him in Spanish.

Medina hesitated when Nadeau asked if he was willing to plead guilty and if he was happy with his attorney.

"Up until now, yes," he said through his interpreter.

"I want to be sure you are agreeing to plead guilty," Nadeau said.

At one point, Medina admitted he has been suffering from depression.

"In the morning when I had to get up, I couldn't get up well," he said.

Medina was indicted on 12 counts, including 11 for bribery, in January 2011.

Young said Angie Paola Patrone of Lawrence connected Media with illegal immigrants who paid $2,000 to $3,000 each to obtain driver's licenses under false identities.

Medina would keep much of the money and pay $500 to DMV clerk Donna Rockholt of Manchester for each of the approximately 80 fake license she issued. The two communicated through code, often by sending text messages, Young said.

Medina's sister, Adelina Cardona and his girlfriend, Mariela Maria, also participated in the scheme, Young said. They would accompany the immigrants to Salem to apply for the licenses and helped present the false information to Rockholt.

Rockholt would issue the licenses, even though the applicants did not meet the requirements nor take any tests.

"She would indicate the person had an out-of-state license when they did not," Young said.

The key players all have been convicted in the case, along with many people who received false licenses, Young said. Rockholt, who has cooperated with investigators, will be sentenced May 11, she said.

If Medina's case had gone to trial, he faced three and half to seven years in prison on each charge.

Medina also was linked to a salvage inspection sticker scheme that led to the conviction last year of former state trooper Fred Stamatatos.

Medina's sentencing has not been scheduled.


U.S. deports another 100 Dominican ex cons - The United States Government repatriated l00 Dominican ex- convicts Wednesday, after serving sentences for drug trafficking, murder, assaults, robberies, frauds and forgery among other crimes in North American jails.This group brings the total number of deportees to 502 between January and April. The group arrived in Las Americas International Airport at 11:45 a.m. in an airplane chartered by the United States Customs Enforcement.


Dominican Watchdog Note | The skills of all these deported criminals should be useful to the PLD and as advisers to the President - Pls hire them so they don't kill and rob tourists in the DR!!

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