Dominican Students Accuse Police of Shooting 3
( - A student organization in the Dominican Republic is accusing police of shooting and wounding three protesters at the Caribbean country's largest public university.


The Amin Abel Liberation Front says the students were shot late Tuesday during a demonstration against a rise in tuition and a new enrollment fee at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.

Group spokesman Daniel Jerez said Wednesday that he was shot in the foot and he accused police of shooting without warning.

Police have not issued a statement.

University Chancellor Mateo Aquino says the increases were approved to buy furniture and improve the school's laboratories and main library.


Posted by many main stream news papers, but not !!


Dominican Watchdog Note | Well this is a the result of a lying and corrupt government, President Leonel Fernandez changed the law and promised to use 4% of the GDP on education and in reality less than 2% has been spend and now he likes to hike the fees!!

I really hope the students will continue the 4% movement and ensure that the new president Medina sticks to the law and keep their PLD promises. Specially in the light of the extreme pay checks for everybody in the government......


Bizarre Government wages in Dom Rep: Banks chief makes more than Obama - UPDATE


Banks superintendent Haivanjoe NG Cortiñas’ salary is 11,800% higher than the minimum wage - Banks superintendent’s RD$1.5 million, which is more than the president of the world’s richest country, Barack Obama, whose paycheck equals RD$1.3 million per month. President Leonel Fernandez makes less than USD 3000 per months.....if anybody believes that!!   UPDATE - Officials with fat pay checks want no part of wage ceiling!!!



Education is the most critical issue facing the Dominican Republic


Public education in the Dominican Republic is in critical condition, threatening the wellbeing of the nation. The President and Congress deny access to a quality public education for millions of children. No country under these circumstances should call itself a democracy......

The problem is that the rich like to keep the poor ignorant in order to keep control over resources and power!



Dominican lawmakers “burned at the stake” in education row


How to make a BANANA REPUBLIC!! The Congress, given that 2012 is an election year approved at least RD$1.4 billion for itself, but at the same time Chamber president whisked through the session which lasted less than 15 minutes, hammering the gavel several times to shush the lawmakers who called for the allocation of 4.0% of the Gross Domestic Product for Education, as wide sectors of the country demand......

(and as the constitution states!!!)



Dominican Government to keep poor people ignorant and at the bottom of society, Update 2


Dominican Republic is among the worst countries in Latin American and Caribbean when it comes to spending money on education. This is a well planed strategic by President Leonel which ensures, that only the rich families keeps prospering and can share the country's  resources between them. By not giving access to education the only chance of a bright future with money is to be corrupt........

Update 2 - U.S. Embassador gives his comments on the education system as DR students got the worst results in math, reading and science among 16 Latin American countries and second worst among 67 countries in the International Student

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