Dominican Shipped Viagra & Fake Oxycodone From NYC Apartment, Gave Buyers Tracking Numbers
nbcnewyork.comA Dominican man who lives in the Bronx has been accused of selling more than a million counterfeit oxycodone pills, other prescriptions and heroin online after authorities said that a pharmaceutical company tipped authorities off to the alleged narcotics pipeline.

Cristian Rodriguez has been arrested on federal drug possession charges after authorities said he shipped investigators drugs on multiple occasions in September; he even allegedly gave agents U.S. Postal Service tracking numbers for shipments of heroin, pressed heroin pills rebranded as oxycodone, Xanax and other prescription drugs. Law enforcement sources told News 4 that he also shipped Viagra online. 

Rodriguez’s arrest comes after an initial investigation by drugmaker Pfizer -- which manufactures Xanax and Viagra -- revealed an online pipeline for the drugs. The company’s chief security officer, John Clark, said Pfizer then turned over its findings to local and federal authorities.

Pfizer has worked tirelessly over the years to combat counterfeit medicines,” he said. “Because of the risk that these pose to patient health and safety, Pfizer has had a focused anti-counterfeiting campaign to detect, disrupt and deter major counterfeit manufacturers and distributors,”

Authorities allege Rodriguez and some of his co-conspirators had been selling drugs in so-called “dark web” marketplaces since at least May 2016. Prosecutors allege that he also kept a stockpile of drugs in his apartment in the Bronx as part of the shipping operation; when authorities searched his home when he was arrested on Monday, they found more than 70 pounds of prescription drugs and counterfeit oxycodone.

The NYPD, U.S. Postal Investigation Service and DEA’s New York Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Strike Force all investigated the case. Rodriguez, a Dominican Republic native, faces 20 years in prison if convicted. Attorney information for the man wasn’t immediately available.


At the same time - 

Dominican drug traffickers a serious threat to NY: DEA

Washington.-  The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on Tues. released a report in which lists Mexico and Colombia as the only LatAm countries that lead the Dominican Republic in transnational drug trafficking organizations.

According to the 182-page report signed by DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg, traffickers of drug such as cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, marijuana and Special K and Molly in the US East Coast states are increasingly Dominicans.

The report “2017 National Drug Threat Assessment” says that Dominican drug trafficking organizations have become a serious threat because they are the major distributors of cocaine in the New York metropolitan area.

The federal agency also revealed that drug traffickers also seek to expand the business by adding Canadian drugs to their inventory and are flooding the coast with opioids. It said Dominican drug traffickers supplied by Colombians control street sales from New York to North Carolina,.

The DEA however affirms that the gangs move in collaboration with foreign suppliers who ship heroin and cocaine to the US Northeast from Mexico, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, and are the middlemen between drug cartels and street pushers.

The agency said that position has allowed Dominican narcos to maintain control over small-scale trafficking in New York City. “Dominican traffickers are now the first choice of Mexican and Colombian suppliers who ship drugs to the United States, in this case, directly to the northeast of the country.”

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