Dominican Republic repeats high corruption rank
BERLIN. - Transparency International again calls Venezuela one of the world’s most corrupt countries, in its annual report released in Berlin Tuesday.


The entity said the Dominican Republic scored a 3 in the ranking where a 10 is the least corrupt, the same score for 2009.

The report says Chile is Latin America’s most transparent nation, while Venezuela occupies the 164th position of the 178 countries included in the NGO’s 2010 study, below Paraguay and Haiti (both ranked 146).

Honduras (134), Nicaragua and Ecuador (127 both) were the other countries with low scores, as well as Bolivia (110).

Near the top of the global ranking among the 178 countries was Chile with a score of 21, followed by Uruguay (24), Puerto Rico (33) and Costa Rica (41), trailed by Brazil and Cuba (both in position 69).

Since 1995, Transparency the International publishes the annual Corruption Perception  Index, from a high of "10" for a country perceived as " transparent," to "0" for one viewed as "corrupt."

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