Dominican Republic Police admit US$1.5M theft in raid on Germans in Sosua - Although the National Police and the Office of the Prosecutor reported having no evidence that two safes with more than R$60 million (US$1.5 million) were stolen by police officers during the bloody raid on residential La Mulata III, in Sosua, Puerto Plata, at least six of those under investigation have admitted their existence and several invoices and receipts for bank transactions in the millions have been seized from them, which they can’t explain, newspaper Listin Diario reports.


Captain Gerson Acosta Polanco is one of the officers who confirmed the safe’s existence, with allegedly 60 million pesos in euros and dollars, according to sources close to the investigation.

Under interrogation  Police Council report which recommended withdrawals and cancellations of 14 officers and enlisted men who participated in the case, a copy of which has the captain said he saw Polanco Acosta when the lieutenants "Nilson Encarnacion Peña and Stalin Castillo Basora, and sergeant Pedro Antonio Hernandez, aka Maceta, carried away the two safes through the kitchen door of the residence of German national Peter Brunck, and got on a Forensic Police van driven by lieutenant Juan Maria Toribio and accompanied by the also lieutenant Sandy Ramon Ferreira."

The officer said the latter two went from Sosua to Puerto Plata’s Precinct with the safes, with Castillo and Hernandez staying behind.

According to Acosta, "the safes were broken into and the contents stolen by Lieutenant Stalin, a member of the Criminal Investigation Department (Dicrim), who worked in La Vega."

Acosta says he then met with Castillo in Puerto Plata and began to talk about the case. “He then told me he was angry because he "had been given just 20,000 pesos, and that all the others divvied up enough money to buy SUVs.”

One of the safes, the Police report said, was busted open in the town of Imbert, and from there the agents returned  with watches, jewelry and money to buy SUVs. He revealed that a first lieutenant named Sanchez stole a watch and a gun, but then when the investigation began took the watch to the guard house at Sosua, to be delivered to the prosecutor in Puerto Plata province, but kept the gun.

In their statements, the officer said Toribio swiped an I-Pad and other items from the house of the Germans and that the officer told one of his colleagues who took part in the raid to "learn to steal like him."



Germans say colleague’s lies led to Dominican Republic killing - After spending their entire life working in their native Germany, they came to Sosúa to fulfill a dream of living under palms, surrounded by the sea and in total tranquility, but instead, the owners and shareholders of a school and the gated community La Mulata 3 are living a nightmare since October 17 last year.

They’ve been accused of organ and weapons trafficking, in addition to the insults and charges they say are full of falsehoods and lies.

Quoted by, the German nationals affirm being very honorable people, whom an "act" staged by National Police members was a "diabolic comedy" which has left them without money to survive, and one of their compatriots shot dead during the raid.

They asked president Danilo Medina, Police chief Manuel Castro Justice minister Francisco Dominguez for a full investigation into the alleged theft of their belongings, including a reported US$1.5 million, money set aside for their day-to-day expenses and to conclude the German school, Academy For Future Health (AFFH).

Michael Salb, Heike Salb, Lilnich Muhl, Esther Battaiwi, Ellen Platen, Nils Nepper, Sandra Pptrgen, Maria Magdalena Lauer and Ute Moch Hullen said they’re not part of any religious sect, never trafficked with children because they are parents themselves and never possessed an arsenal of weapons, as the National Police and the Puerto Plata Office of the Prosecutor affirm.

Their lawyer José Carlos Balbuena said since the case has drawn attention abroad, he’s convinced that justice will be served.

The conflict

The October 17, 2012, raid on their compound, the group says, was rooted in the ambition of Klaus Dieter Müller, who allegedly wanted to head the project, knowing full well he cannot, because its current president, Peter Brunck, is still living.

They say since he couldn’t take over the land, Müller spread lies and misinformation abroad against Peter Brunck, describing the latter as a serious scientist and prolific author and not an organ or weapons trafficker. “Klaus Müller has issued all this negative information to the press and has paid a lot of money for this. But we want this case cleared up".


Read Original story leading up to the robbery, they didn't come to look for weapons, the police went straight for the safes of USD 1,5 Million!

German national dies in shootout with Dominican police in La Mulata, Sosua


Neighbor protection program in one of the most dangerous residencial areas of Sosua ended with police confrontationIn fact the Police has been slow to protect foreigners living in La Mulata, resulting in many robberies and murders. Ask any realtor on the North Coast, for years it was almost impossible to sell properties in that part of Sosua.....

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