Dominican Man Kills Teenaged Ex-Wife, Mayor and Later Himself
A man in the Dominican Republic area of El Seibo is believed to have killed his young ex-wife, the mayor and himself leaving many in the area wondering why.

Police say Victor Manuel Basilio Mercedes, 21, shot and killed his 15-year-old ex-wife Yanelis Acevedo and the mayor of El Seibo, Pablo Pimentel Castro, 44, in what officials are saying was a crime of passion. After shooting the others, he then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

It is believed Basilio had been following Acevedo for more than a month when he spotted her with the mayor near a nail salon in the barrio-like area of El Seibo known as Ginandiana.

Though few details could be found, police are trying to determine the owner of the revolver used in the murder-suicide..... more




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Dominican Watchdog Note: Interesting case!! Many foreigners who had girl friends under 18 years in the Dominican Republic has been sent to jail and extorted by her family of between USD 10,000 to 20,000, but when Dominicans have girlfriends or lovers under 18 years nothing happens. Like with everything else, also here DR have double standards. One law for locals and another law for foreigners. Sexual consent in Europe is 14-15 years old. The 18 years old game they play with foreigners in the DR is dangerous as many has been lured into that and ended up in jail for something that the rest of the island is doing daily! You see beautiful young woman hand in hand with her boyfriend and then one day she comes alone down the street and contact you saying she dumped her boyfriend and is in love with you...... Soon you will wish you never had seen her in your life!! The mayor was just one of thousand of Dominicans having a young and beautiful girlfriend under 18!

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