Dominican Government announces US$75M project without tenders - Without tenders, the use of a contractor with a questionable record and a US$75 million loan, the Dominican Government aims to build a 150 room hotel, 280 apartments in six towers, a shopping center and a “baseball museum” in a project called the “Juan Marichal Sport and Cultural Center,” whose construction start was announced yesterday.

National Housing Bank (BNV) general manager Joaquin Gerónimo made the announcement yesterday and affirmed that the project would begin when the current Winter Baseball Season concludes, adding that the Quisqueya Stadium will also be remodeled, to meet U.S. Major League Baseball specifications.

In a press conference the official presented the project’s details which he said was designed and is to be built by Jesus Rodriguez Sandoval, whose questionable track record include the scandal of cost overruns to build Samana’s Arroyo Barril International Airport (northeast) and the hotel Gran Prado, an 18 story hulk abandoned more than 15 years ago and whose demolition has been demanded by several sectors who affirm it has become an eyesore in Santo Domingo’s Malecon.

The BNV director said to build the ambitious project, announced by president Leonel Fernandez on February 27, the National Assets Agency transferred 118,000 square meters to the BNV, site of the Quisqueya Stadium and the Coliseum Carlos - Teo- Cruz.

Congress had already approved the contract and Gerónimo said a US$75 million financing contract with Portugal’s Banco Caixa General de Depósitos would be signed at the end of November.

COMMENTS from DominicanToday blog:
Written by: Blutarsky, 13 Nov 2009 8:05 AM
From: United States, Faber College Double Secret Probation
this smells of rotting garbage before they even dig the hole
Written by: gmiller261, 13 Nov 2009 8:38 AM
From: United States
Transparently corrupt.

Dominicans wear it like a badge of honor.

LF should go to jail.

DT, follow this from the beginning. It will be a laugh riot when it is 500% over budget and never get s completed.
Written by: Cacique, 13 Nov 2009 9:07 AM
From: Dominican Republic
pale face sandoval speak with forked tongue, tepee caney on mirador park also have legal problem..
Written by: okian, 13 Nov 2009 9:19 AM
From: United States
How sad. More corruption, ignorance and tolerance.
Written by: BASTA, 13 Nov 2009 9:45 AM
From: Dominican Republic, = Ghetto-SPM-Barrio Blanco
LF should go to jail.= Off with his head my people are such idiots #2 pigs #1 idiots!!!
Written by: walnut, 13 Nov 2009 10:28 AM
From: Dominican Republic, La Romana
How much did they have to pay Marichal to get him to allow the use of his name?
#27 was one of my favorite players of all time and to be involved with this disaster must have involved significant cash.
Written by: Botemon, 13 Nov 2009 10:28 AM
From: Dominican Republic, La Isabella

Obviously corrupt!

This is like waving a big red flag and shouting “We are going to take this money and are not doing anything…..well maybe part of the museum!”. Even if they actually were considering all this, you cannot build a “150 room hotel, 280 apartments in six towers, a shopping center and a “baseball museum” PLUS “Quisqueya Stadium will also be remodeled, to meet U.S. Major League Baseball specifications”. ALL for only $75 million US!

Woo Hoo I’m on board! Unbelievable!

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