Dominican Assemblywoman in New York to appear in court for marriage fraud - When you have a secret that must be kept to avoid personal destruction, you minimize all risk of discovery. This goes without saying except if you are dumb as a post.

Let’s say you come here from the Dominican Republic and a pay a man $8,000 to enter into a fake marriage to get legal status. Then you repeatedly make false statements to government authorities and falsify facts in a bankruptcy. You have a lot to hide.

Your best bet is to do nothing to draw attention. But no, you take a job as chief of staff to a city councilman, who winds up pleading guilty to theft.

Now’s your chance to lay low. But again, no.

This time you run for public office, winning an Assembly seat representing Washington Heights.

You, who have built a substantial portion of your life on a lie, expose yourself to the scrutiny of the New York media and to the slings and arrows of enemies and law enforcement informers.

Then, you wind up under indictment and facing 10 years in prison. You are Gabriela Rosa, and you are a New York Knucklehead.

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