Diplomat Murdered in Dominican Republic(Update)
Taipei, April 18 (CNA) A Taiwanese diplomat has been found dead in the Dominican Republic in an apparent case of murder, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs official said Wednesday.

The victim was identified as 55-year-old Julia Ou



a secretary involved in overseas compatriot affairs who had served in the Caribbean country for more than a year, according to Wu Ching-mu, director-general of the ministry's Department of Central and South American Affairs.

She was found stabbed to death at her home in Santo Domingo Tuesday after having failed to show up for work, Wu said.

A member of the Tzu Chi Foundation, one of Taiwan's biggest charities, Ou was described by her colleagues as a philanthropist who often helped the needy, Wu said.

Dominican Republic Foreign Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso called Ambassador Hou Ping-fu to express his concern, Wu said, and Hou requested the help of the country's police in investigating Ou's death.

The ministry will help make arrangements for Ou's family to travel to the Caribbean country to deal with the aftermath of their family member's passing, he added.

When asked about the matter at a legislative hearing, Wu Ying-yih, the head of the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (OCAC), said he paid a visit to Ou's family soon after he was informed of Ou's death at 1:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Wu said he was told that Ou had worked overtime and was in her office until 10 p.m. the night before she was found dead.

Ou Ming-te, the elder brother of Julia Ou
(區美珍), told CNA that his sister had always worked hard was usually busy on the job. He said he often spoke to his sister by phone when she was posted in Guatemala, but such calls were less frequent after she was transfered to the Dominican Republic.

The brother said he will make a trip to the Dominican Republic to deal with his sister's affairs.

According to information from the OCAC, Ou joined the organization in 1987 and was first dispatched overseas in 2000, when she was assigned to Guatemala.

One of Ou's former colleagues at the OCAC described her as an easy-going person who was very serious and responsible.



In the wake of the tragedy, the ministry has notified the country's overseas missions in Latin America to pay greater attention to the safety of their staff, Wu Ching-mu said.

According to officials familiar with Latin American affairs, law and order in the region is unsatisfactory because of the prevalence of drug-related crime.

Ou Ming-te, the elder brother of Julia Ou, said the family was "very shocked" by the news of her death.

He said his sister had planned to stay in the Dominican Republic for another three years and then retire and return to Taiwan to keep her elderly mother company.

"But we won't see her coming home ever again," said the brother, who will make a trip to the Dominican Republic to deal with his sister's affairs.

OCAC officials said the agency will help the bereaved family apply for survivors benefits and compensation, as Ou's death occurred during the performance of official duties.

The agenc
y will also recommend her for a posthumous medal of honor, they said. .....read more

Dominican Watchdog Note | And this is how President Leonel and his 3rd class people are paying back Taiwan for all that they gave to the Dominican Republic??? Taiwan gave the IT Park outside Santo Domingo in the hope education levels would be higher in the DR. President Leonel on the other hand are not paying his part as stipulated in the law. Still only 1.8% of the GDP is spend on education in a country were they would need to spend at least 10% to get the population up to international standards. Leonel is in full violation of the law he made himself, which states 4% of the GDP must be used for education.

I recommend Taiwan close their embassy and stop all relations with the DR in order to send a clear message to "MONKEY ISLAND" that this is not acceptable!!! If that had happened to an American diplomat in the DR then the DEA, CIA, FBI and US MARSHALL SERVICE would be all over the island turning every stone and calling Leonel and his corrupt police to action!!!


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