Deputies call Dominican Republic's border cops a corrupt agency - The Chamber of Deputies Border Affairs Commission affirmed Tuesday that the Border Security Corp (CESFRONT) is a corrupt agency and that all types of trafficking to and from Haiti and Dominican Republic has risen after its creation.

“According to the denunciations that we have, that entity (Cesfront) has been the most corrupt as part of the Armed Forces and of Law Enforcement agency” said Commission president Rafael Méndez.

“I have been informed that after the creation of Cesfront, trafficking and corruption across the border has been increased in all senses,” said the deputy of the ruling PLD party from southwest Barahona province.

In a press conference the Commission’s members also stated their concern with what they see is the vulnerability of the towns along the border regarding the aggressive outbreak of cholera in Haiti and criticized the Dominican authorities for what they call a the “lack of control.”

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Arriving in the town Friuza, in the Bavaro-Punta Cana region seems like visiting a slum in neighboring Haiti, an impression boosted at 6 a.m., when most of the Haitians head to work, and near 5 p.m. when they return to their rickety shacks.

The scene is repeated in nearby Verón and other sectors where “Little Haitis” have sprung up, while buses crowded with Haitians ply the routes for those who work and wander about without any migratory or health controls.

The most dramatic scent however is the now famous Hoyo de Friuza (hole) and the adjacent Mata Mosquito, where barracks type houses lodge as many as 40 Haitians squeezed together.

The construction industry provides work for most of the illegal immigrants, where is normal to find hundreds of Haitians in a major structure.

In the morning it is common to see up to 300 Haitians hoping to find a ride on the highways.

The Haitian presence is so prevalent that radio stations in the zone now air music in Creole, and in places such as La Loma, in Higuey, already have discos and colmados exclusively for them.

The “Haitian invasion” alarms hoteliers, civil society, business and community leaders in province Altagracia, describe who it as and criticize that the Direction  the Immigration Agency’s lack of controls.

“It is a very delicate situation. Our first problem is that Immigration department doesn’t work here,” says Eastern Zone Hotels and Tourism Projects Association president Ernesto Veloz. He fears that the Haitians’ massive and disorderly presence and their diseases may damage the region’s tourism.

The economist Rubén Darío Castillo blames the hoteliers for the massive presence, affirming that they hire Haitians but pay them a “wage of misery,” adding that they are overcrowding barrios of Higuey where they also take part in crimes.

The bishop Nicanor Peña said Immigration must establish controls on Haitian immigration and other foreigners, respecting their human rights.

The community leader Julio C. Cedano slammed the Government’s policy on the issue, calling it the Immigration Agency’s lack of action.

“It’s a massive invasion. Haiti has moved here, you go through streets that are more Haitians than Dominican and Immigration doesn’t exist, none (Immigration director) Sigfrido Pared has never come this way. He’s everybody is like a renegade goat and that’s harmful for tourism.”


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