(AP) — People who force others into prostitution and clients of prostitutes will face arrest in the Dominican Republic as part of a crackdown on sex trafficking in the Caribbean country, the attorney general said Wednesday.

Prostitution has long been practiced openly in much of the Dominican Republic but the trafficking of people for the sex trade, both within the country and overseas, has become so widespread that the government believes it must now impose controls on the industry, Attorney General Francisco Dominguez said.

"We are talking in many cases about young girls who are semi-enslaved," Dominguez said at a news conference.

Prostitutes themselves are not facing arrest since there is no law in the Dominican Republic that specifically forbids the practice. But it is illegal to make money off the sexual services of another person or to force someone to work as a prostitute. Those who use the services of prostitutes can be charged as accessories to pandering and face a sentence of 10-15 years in prison, officials said.

No one has been arrested so far. It is unclear at this point how strictly it will be enforced in a country that has an already overburdened justice system and that has been long been known as a destination for people seeking the services of prostitutes.

The prospect of arresting clients or pimps angered Jacqueline Montero, president of a non-governmental group that represents sex workers called the Movement of Women United. She said any crackdown will deprive poor women of income they need to survive.

"This is a witch hunt against us," Montero said.

1,000 prostitutes spook Sosua’s tourism

Sosua, Dominican Republic.- People in Sosua complain of rampant prostitution that scares families to stay away from the Atlantic Coast's top tourism destination. Representatives from community organizations, neighborhood councils and town authorities quoted by estimate that at least a1,000 women exercise prostitution, though only one percent are natives of Puerto Plata province, according to their statements. Sosua mayor Ileana Newman acknowledges prostitution's alarming jump in recent years, noting that those women have taken over its main street, Pedro Clisante - See more at:

Headlines from US Embassy in Santo Domingo:

The Dominican Republic is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor......, The government did not undertake efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex acts in the Dominican Republic’s legalized sex trade or for forced labor during the reporting period..... read full report


The Dominican Republic's top prosecutor is urging the country's tourism ministry to advise foreign travellers not to hire prostitutes because they could face punishment, tourists should refrain from any behaviour that supports places where prostitutes work. The United Nations Population Fund ranks the Caribbean country fourth worldwide in the number of women who are trafficked to other nations..... read full article

People trafficking networks, Dom. Rep.’s most organized, powerful - The networks that traffic with, and smuggle persons are the most organized in the country, in addition to being "extremely powerful."

Justice minister Francisco Domínguez said the fact that Dominicans rank fourth among women prostitutes around the world, results form in most cases, to the recruitment networks.

He said that’s why the arrest of johns seeking prostitutes will continue, since the women in those relationships are the most vulnerable. "People think this is a joke and laugh, but it's no game."

He said despite the debate the measure has generated it’s not just about victim abuse, but other aspects which the country should also be "strongly" aware of, including the victim’ experience of slavery conditions among both sexes.

Dominguez, quoted by, added that the Dominicans are stigmatized in some of the countries they visit and regrets that the country is sold abroad as a paradise for sex.


US State Department: Dominican Republic Has Problem with Sex Tourism

Was US Sen. Robert Menendez the classic sex tourist in the Dom Rep?

According to several recent reports, the Spanish-language news network Univision tracked down a woman by the name of Yaneisi Fernández on Monday (Feb. 4) to find out if she was one of Bob Menendez's alleged Dominican Republic call girls....


SEX TOURISM - Dominican HIV and AIDS Patients Suffer From Drug Shortage


Watch out before picking up your next girlfriend and sex partner in DR!! The country faces a difficult situation with the international financial crisis which affects major donors in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Dominican Republic has more than 60,000 people living with HIV/AIDS, and only one-third receive medication......


Dominican Republic has more brothels than schools, senior prelate says

TRUE WORDS SPOKEN, but was he including government offices? That is where most of this country's sellouts work - The problem is the lack of education !!!

Economist Pavel Isa recently said that the head of state Leonel Fernandez would leave a fundamentally negative legacy especially in terms of institutionalism. It's here all the problems began.....


9 year old girl raped and murdered in Boca Chica, Dom Rep

A 52 year old man kidnapped the child in Boca Chica.  The child's body was found naked, raped, and with the head crushed with signs of severe beatings.......


Raids on prostitution centres in Dominican Republic


Two minors were rescued from brothels and at least 109 people were taken into custody during raids on prostitution centres and bars in the Dominican Republic. WARNING!! Haiti and Dominican Republic have 80% of the Caribbean’s HIV/AIDS......

To read more, just type "sex" in Quick search box on Dominican Watchdog.

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