DEA says, Dominican Republic is a “warehouse” for US-bound drugs - Rising police pressure along the Mexican border is forcing Colombian drugs to seek alternate routes such as the Caribbean, where Puerto Rico has become one of the major access doors to the U.S., says a report cited Efe which calls Dominican Republic a narcotics “warehouse.”


U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Caribbean region director, Pedro Janer yesterday said the pressure along the Mexican border has forced rings of drug traffickers to set their sights on the Caribbean to smuggle cocaine to American territory.

Janer, who heads the DEA’s San Juan operations, said the traditional Mexican route has been hardened; narcotics traffickers have opened several corridors through the Caribbean and warned of heightened activity in what he called the Route of the East, which starts in Colombia and Venezuela.

The official said the drugs go through small Caribbean islands such as Tortola or Antigua, then Dominican Republic, which has become the warehouse for Puerto Rico. “The drug, once in Puerto Rico, is much easier to make it reach the continental United States.”

Janer said traffickers us boat containers and airplanes of courier companies which take off from San Juan’s airport.

He said the drug goes preferably to the United States east coast whose large populations of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans such as in New York, Florida and other cities make for much more fluid contacts.


Who is Pedro?


Pedro J. Janer
Acting Special Agent in Charge
Caribbean Division

Acting SAC (A-SAC) Janer was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He holds a BBA from Universidad Del Turabo in Gurabo, PR and an MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA. He was a 1983 ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate from the University of Puerto Rico and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He served with 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, NC, and specialized in Military Intelligence and Logistics in support of Special Operations. He traveled extensively throughout Latin America, achieved the rank of Captain and commanded a support detachment. In 1989, he became a private investigator, specializing in undercover operations, executive protection and surveillance. In 1990, he began his career with DEA in Hartford, CT.

In 1990, A-SAC Janer was assigned to the Miami Division where he performed as lead undercover agent in a myriad of domestic and international investigations. In 1991, he was reassigned to the Miami HIDTA Task Force, where he supervised Title-III communication intercepts of Colombian Drug Cartels. His most significant T-III investigation resulted in the seizure of 2,641 kilograms of cocaine, five million dollars in assets, 26 arrests, and the total dismantling of Colombian drug cells in five major cities.

In 1995, A-SAC Janer served as DEA Basic Agent Class Counselor, and later became a founding member of the Miami Division Mobile Enforcement Team. He served with the Florida Army National Guard, achieved the rank of Major, graduated from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff Officer Course, and successfully commanded two units, at the company and field grade levels.

In 1995, A-SAC Janer subsequently served at the Caribbean Division in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he performed as Recruitment, Training and Drug Demand Reduction Coordinator, Public Information Officer, and Back-Up Enforcement Group Supervisor. He made regular guest appearances at highly rated public awareness television and radio programs.

In 1998, A-SAC Janer served as the founding Resident Agent in Charge of the DEA Trinidad, Bolivia Resident Office. He directed major investigations and drug suppression operations, and provided advice, assistance and training to Bolivian Law Enforcement and Military authorities.

In 1999, A-SAC Janer served as Group Supervisor at the Dallas Division. He supervised a major task force responsible for investigations and interdiction operations at the D/FW International Airport, surrounding highways, train, and bus stations. He was a recurring law enforcement guest at Univision Channel-23 TVin Dallas and hosted an episode of “Crime Stoppers.”

In 2002, A-SAC Janer served as Resident Agent in Charge of the DEA Merida, Mexico Resident Office. He managed major investigations and operations targeting Mexican Drug Cartels operating in the Yucatan Peninsula. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and commanded a Military Intelligence Battalion in the Florida Army National Guard. He graduated from the National Security Course, Defense Strategy Course, Military Intelligence Pre-Command Course and Joint Operations Course.

In 2005, A-SAC Janer served as an Inspector with the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) in Plantation, FL, where he conducted investigations on allegations of criminal activity or misconduct affecting the integrity and security programs of DEA. In 2006, A-SAC Janer was selected as a Latin America Foreign Area Officer (FAO), assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Directorate for Human Intelligence (DH), Joint Reserve Unit (JRU) and completed the Reserve Attaché Course. In 2008, A-SAC Janer was designated a DEA National Security Professional and completed the DOD Strategic Debriefing Course.

In January 2009, A-SAC Janer was promoted to GS-15 at the Caribbean Division, where he managed the division’s enforcement and task force elements, the Caribbean Corridor Strike Force and the Diversion of Controlled Pharmaceuticals Program. A-SAC Janer has been the recipient of several performance, achievement, international and military awards. His last military assignment was as Regional Deputy Director, DIA DH-JRU-South (Miami).

In November 2011, Pedro J. Janer assumed the responsibility of Acting Special Agent in Charge (A-SAC) of the DEA Caribbean Division, where he directs all operational and administrative aspects and exercises leadership in carrying out a number of initiatives, programs and investigations that target all levels of drug trafficking, money laundering operations, and the diversion of licit drugs in the Caribbean region.

Dominican Watchdog Note | Look likes this guy know what he is talking about, thank God Leonel is out of office, lets see if Danilo can get this under control or the army and police will be living off drug corruption for another 4 years!!!

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